Prana, Pulse Flow

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
Average: 4.7 (226 votes)
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This Shiva-Rea style flow is challenging, fun and full of energy. Tianne livens it up with her enthusiastic guidance, particularly in and out of the poses that really push us to concentrate! Once in Sivasana, your body will feel totally invigorated, energized and relaxed.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Helen Alford 3 years ago

This is the only one I gave up on, I couldn't get into it at all. But I suppose its different strokes for different folks as others love it.

lcanice 4 years ago

I've never done a class with Tianna before this was wonderful. Thank you so much for a beautiful and challenging practice!

mrswright2015 4 years ago

I can see why another commenter said that finding a chill place in this practice was not easy. This practice will keep you on your toes - and head, and hands.

heckerdy 4 years ago

your words stated it perfectly thank you I am going to do it again next week so I can find that "chill spot" for sure !

cjseb1 4 years ago

Beautifully done! Loved the flow sequence, the pace, and Tianne's very soothing voice. She had me so calm in my practice that I was able to challenge myself -- without realizing I was! Many thanks to Tianne and the entire DoYogaWIthMe team!

terriblemonde 4 years ago

I was shaking non-stop on the eagle to airplane transitions! This class is a bit beyond my comfort/ability level right now. I made it through, but didn't get into that floaty, yoga space like I can with easier classes. I hope to return to it in the future on stronger days and see how it feels. The voiceover is a nice change - sometimes the teachers sound strained as they try to talk over environmental sounds during tough poses. Thank you for an aspirational class!

LucyHB 4 years ago

The 30 day challenge brought me back to this wonderful class, which for some reason I hadn't done for quite some time. It's such a wonderful, hypnotic and calming flow at the same time as being satisfyingly hard work. This time I won't leave it so long until I do this one again!

Runningmamaof3 4 years ago

This was the first class I did on this website and it got me HOOKED on yoga! I come back to this class quite often- I love how it starts out so slow and then gradually picks up intensity. As I do my classes at 5 am just after waking up it is a very nice wake up transition for me and gets me ready for a day filled with kids, patients and parents! Thank u Tianne!