Prana, Pulse Flow

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
Average: 4.7 (221 votes)
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This Shiva-Rea style flow is challenging, fun and full of energy. Tianne livens it up with her enthusiastic guidance, particularly in and out of the poses that really push us to concentrate! Once in Sivasana, your body will feel totally invigorated, energized and relaxed.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


roopen 10 months ago

The class is great in general, but the voice over is so anoying that I found it impossible to focus at any point of the class. Wont do this class again just because of the VO.

DanaAF 1 year ago

I am still new to intermediate yoga, and I felt this workout was just the right amount of challenging. Tianne's voice is wonderfully soothing and incredibly focusing. I paused the video a few times to give myself enough time to complete the asanas, and I modified where needed. I felt refreshed, flexible, and energized after this workout! The beautiful water lilies and wildlife in Tianne's background were a nice bonus. Thank you, I look forward to more from this teacher!

mattkrell 1 year ago

For me, this class was full of variety and an energetic pace. While I agree with the voiceover comments, I'll be back as I enjoyed the challenge of the flow.

Namaste from Salem, OR

ag329 1 year ago

This was a new style class for me as well as my first class w/Tianne.
I personally was surprised by the speed of some of the movements, but I'm glad to have tried this one.
The voiceover wasn't my favorite, but I found this to be interesting, a nice change, and definitely a challenge! No headstand for me, but sweaty, wobbly and I can feel my muscles! :) Thank you for such a nice variety of classes, especially w/in this 30-day challenge! <3

duroc017 2 years ago

I only do this one when I'm feeling like I'm in good shape, because to me it requires a fair amount of strength and endurance, but having said that, I always feel glorious after I finish this one. As others said, sweaty, relaxed, and recharged!

silvs 2 years ago

I am not a fan of voice overs either and the sequencing was a little rushed. Also there were no adaptation to advanced poses. I ended up with a sore lower back
I have been repeating some of the other teachers classes but will pass on this one.
I liked the back drop

wiechela 2 years ago

Not a fan of voice over videos. I feel like the timing is off, poses are rushed, and there isn't as much attention to detail.

green2u 2 years ago

I haven't experienced the repetition of one step in any of the DoYogaWithMe classes and I love it! It allows me to take the time to get that one step right before moving to the next step. I've had trouble holding some of these poses in the past, but with a rhythmic repetition of that pose, I am much more fluid. Then the entire process is repeated several times, really helping me get into the rhythm. While some of the poses were a bit advanced for me, I was able to easily modify. The 63 minutes flew by. Thanks!

loveofjoe11 2 years ago

Great class!!! It was the perfect pace and just what I needed today. It's a great intermediate class but still allows for modifications.

Paulette9 3 years ago

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL class!! I feel like this is what a yoga class is all about-honoring and respecting our bodies. Tianne's soft flowing voice allowed my body to be flowing and calm. Thanks, Tianne, for all that you are and all you have given us!