Power Yoga for Love Love Love

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This class embodies 3 loves: self love, giving love and receiving love. Tracey is the perfect guide to help you feel these three ways of expressing love in your life, as she threads inspiring words into a more gentle vinyasa yoga class.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


In only 25 minutes, Tracey
marinaborak 2 years ago

In only 25 minutes, Tracey makes you feel love in you, all around you and I don't know how to fall asleep now with all this new feelings ( it's almoust midnight in Croatia :)

Great way to start the day , all you need is love......
chopper 2 years ago

I do this class often , it is perfect ! clear instructions love the setting please keep bloopers in , Love
I love the challenge
Peace and love

Thanks Tracey, always love
Ms.B 2 years ago

Thanks Tracey, always love your videos!

That was a beautiful class!
CaraJ 2 years ago

That was a beautiful class! Heart is full!

Day 2 - Tracey is awesome
pjd1954 2 years ago

Don't have much to add except Tracey is awesome. Love this challenge. Even though I practice at a class a few mornings a week I still am doing this challenge. Only day 2 but I have learned more! Thank you and Namaste!

Day 2
pjd1954 2 years ago

Great class! I am just really enjoying the instruction to help insure that I am in the correct form. Yay!

Perfect and Gentle
briena 2 years ago

I feel every muscle in my body from yesterday's challenge. Thank you for a perfectly gentle day 2!

Day two
Sailchange 2 years ago

I am so loving this challenge. Such a fabulous way to start each day. I feel alive and invigorated all day long. Love your classesTracey!