Power Yoga for Love Love Love

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This class embodies 3 loves: self love, giving love and receiving love. Tracey is the perfect guide to help you feel these three ways of expressing love in your life, as she threads inspiring words into a more gentle vinyasa yoga class.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


something happend after this
maberkova 2 years ago

something happend after this class.. old repressed emoitons were discovered. Feel so "pure" and loved after. Thank you Tracey. Your classes are the best <3 piece

This class is one of my
yogaliz 2 years ago

This class is one of my favorites on the site! It's nice for a more gentle practice without being too easy. I love the warrior and eagle poses, which make me feel powerful, and then the nice relaxation at the end. This class always helps ease anxiety and tension. Thank you very much! Namaste!

Great class!
cvilleJenn 2 years ago

Thanks so much! I love the lake setting. So peaceful!

Love this class
Rbreid73 2 years ago

Perfect pacing and variation in progressively challenging poses providing just enough time for a class before babies wake for feeding! Only Day 2 of the Intermediate challenge, and it's already shaping up to be another rewarding journey. Thank you Tracey

Hazyoh 2 years ago

Thank you, that was so wonderful :) just what I needed, thank you:)

Another beautiful class
Dakota Drummer 2 years ago

Thanks so much Tracy for your beautiful teaching. The ocean surf is calming, as are your voice and your words.

Thank You Tracey
Yo Guy 2 years ago

Love your class. Namaste from Northern California.

First class I've done with
Mitch Harvey 2 years ago

First class I've done with Tracey on here (as a result of the challenge). Wonderful!!

I have never done your
Sylviaperezdelae 2 years ago

I have never done your classes before- I liked very gentle and empowering. Well done!

Class 3rd day
[email protected] 2 years ago

This was exceptionally wonderful, I have done many classes and this was the BEST....a fantastic flow......lovely words and most healing and powerful that was. I have not done Traceys classes, but will now from now on.Thanks so much beautiful soul.