Playing the Edge

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This Hatha yoga class is about Playing the Edge - exploring the point at which you feel the stretch. It begins with Sun Salutations, then flows into a challenging floor sequence that includes twists, binds, side bends.... an awesome full body opening! It finishes with an 11-minute relaxation.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Strength


RosalieJC 5 years ago

I am doing the 8 week program Beginner Progressing to Intermediate and this was the first time I have done this class. Wow! I took my body to places I've never been before. I feel wonderful and have been brought to tears as my body continues to release and amaze me, with each class. Thank you so much for touching so many lives in the way you do. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart and thank you DYWM.
Love and Gratitude.

Becky in TX 5 years ago

Amanda's comment made me laugh out loud. I felt so challenged in this class. I too feel like my arms will never reach around. I used the strap to modify those poses as much as I could. I haven't felt so inept since I first started experimenting with yoga. Apparently I need to challenge myself in this way more often. I will have to say it wasn't my favorite, but I will try again (and, to be effective, again...) to see if I can overcome my own limitations. Maybe one day I will feel as enthusiastic about this class as dacarj79 or parisblues.
as always, thank you

Viktorija 5 years ago

Excellent class! Above it, excellent presentation and teaching technique. The routines are presented in a very user-friendly way: clear, simple, slow, excellent video angles (showing postures from the right perspective so that it is very easy to see all the details). When I watch it I have the feeling of full engagement in the class. The video gives the feeling that it was individually tailored for each and everyone who watches it. Thank you very much.

Dakota Drummer 5 years ago

Nice long floor sequence with atypical yoga asanas that provide my body and mind with novel stimulus to promote concentration and to challenge my body in new ways. Great to mix in with the typical yoga classes! Great voice and music but music a bit loud at one point. Namaste!

dacarj79 5 years ago

I'm making this a once a week class!I feel so free at the end!!!

matjul 5 years ago

I enjoyed this program. I have been having difficulty with Ashtanga series 1 seated poses and have found this incredible helpful
a black or half block ( under hip) might help us in-bendy people with the hurdler stretches. Well well done

parisblues 5 years ago

This is by far one of the best yoga classes I've ever taken online. Thank you so much for sharing! Namaste.

treepose (not verified) 6 years ago

This was like a secret intermediate practice. It seemed like it would be a beginner class but the stretches were intense and quite satisfying. Perfect warm up and a delicious corpse pose at the end. I especially loved doing some different poses that I don't encounter much. Plough was easier for me than it ever has been. My muscles were so prepared for it.

yogabliss 6 years ago

this was such a lovely practice, filled with gentle stretches that really allowed me to play with my edge. like others, i was surprised at how flexible and how much core strength i had by the end.
David's voice is calming and the instructions are precise; i especially appreciate this when i do a video frequently.
Thank you!