Playing the Edge

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This Hatha yoga class is about Playing the Edge - exploring the point at which you feel the stretch. It begins with Sun Salutations, then flows into a challenging floor sequence that includes twists, binds, side bends.... an awesome full body opening! It finishes with an 11-minute relaxation.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Strength


Paulette9 4 months ago

Wow! What an amazingly relaxing and freeing class!! This class allowed me to really delve deep into all those areas where we hold stress. I love the long savasana at the end!!!!! Thank you , David, for another fantastic class!!

nancy Roosa 5 months ago

this ought to come with a warning label for those of us with bad knees. I was unable to do much of this workout. I would suggest if fall later in the sequence of classes, when I might hope to be slightly more flexible.

Sylkin59 7 months ago

I loved this class. I was more flexible than I thought I would be and the stretches were yummy! David’s pacing was perfect for me and he’s not too chatty. I will come back to this one often.

Csteele21 1 year ago

that was the hardest class yet. There were literally 6-12 inches between my hands and feet during some stretches and I said at least once - Yeah I can't do that. But every day will get better

Olechka 1 year ago

My most favourite yoga sequence ever, including the music. Thank you David!

NatalieNZ 1 year ago

Yay! This is my first intermediate class and it went very well.
I started with David’s tutorial s, tried some other instructors as well (Melissa in particular) and now after one year - have the confidence to move beyond beginner to intermediate.
Thank you DYWM from the depths of my increasingly stronger core!

Crownee23 2 years ago

After a difficult week which left stressed, anxious and emotionally strung out this class brought me wonderful relaxation. I loved the music! It made the fast paced sun salutations fun and my savasana felt deeper. Thank you David! Namaste from Switzerland

Wilddatura 2 years ago

I have chronic back muscle tightness and pain, and this felt like it touched on every sore muscle back there. I learned a few new stretches I will do regularly and just hold them for long periods of time to really release my back. I think you do need to have some degree of flexibility to benefit the most from this practice, but for those not there yet- hang in there, it will come! I am usually always pro-music in the classes, but I agree with some of the comments I read here- I felt like the percussive sounds at the end were a little jarring. I'd be very relaxed and then a louder drum sound would startle me out of my relaxation a little bit. Perhaps fade the percussion towards the end? Thanks so much- wonderful class.

percevial0815 2 years ago

This class was frustrating based on where I am. I am following the beginner to intermediate plan, but I have no idea how to modify any of the floor poses. Even if I were more flexible, some of the poses are impossible for someone my larger frame. First class I have been disappointed with.

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you're right about this class not having modifications. When we plan out a class in advance, we decide whether to emphasize an un-interrupted flow, or making it accessible to the greatest number of people by providing modifications. We went with the former in this class. I'm sorry you didn't have a positive experience.