Open Your Hips and Fly

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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This intermediate power yoga class is very close to being advanced. Crista balances heat-building sun salutations, warrior poses and arm balances with deep hip openers to bring you all of the benefits of yoga in 50 minutes, providing stress relief, giving you energy and leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Mirmbike 5 years ago

Thank you! The ac does horrendous things to my hips

janok 5 years ago

Just loved this refreshing new take on some familiar poses! Thank you so much. Great energy too!

Wendy Johnstone 5 years ago

Delightful class. I love the energy, the focus on proper alignment and the oozing of love and positive cheer leading. Felt like I was on the beach with you.

LAKSHMIJEE 5 years ago

Just when you thought you saw it all!! I second this comment..a mix between Fiji and Kim...look forward to more videos. Feel happy and soooo worth it:-).

Crista Shillington 5 years ago

It is so inspiring to read all these wonderful comments. Thank you friends for all your positive feedback, it is what keeps me fuelled as a teacher :)

elinhemnes 5 years ago

Loved this video, such a fun personality and small comments that made it extra enjoyable. Didn´t know if it would be too advanced for me, but she had lots of alternatives - also for my weak wrists :) Finally a great Power yoga I can complete, I normally stick to Hatha. Thank you!

PsycheBreach 5 years ago

Crista Shillington, your playful and spontaneous spirit brighten my outlook on life and ignited my joy for going deeper into poses.