Open Your Hips and Fly

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Crista Shillington
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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This intermediate power yoga class is very close to being advanced. Crista balances heat-building sun salutations, warrior poses and arm balances with deep hip openers to bring you all of the benefits of yoga in 50 minutes, providing stress relief, giving you energy and leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.


"Relax your beautiful face"
Deirdre 1 year ago

"Relax your beautiful face" Delightful. Thank you.

Oh wow, that was tough! I am
viciviv27 1 year ago

Oh wow, that was tough! I am looking forward to trying again after completing the 30 day challenge to see how this class feels different to me.

Crista, thank you for a
kate.griffin77 1 year ago

Crista, thank you for a beautiful, fun, and helpful class!

Thank you Christa,
ingridh 1 year ago

Loved the way it was gently guided to seeing where I still need to let go, aiming for flight!

What a pleasure
Dakota Drummer 1 year ago

Thank you for a light-hearted yet spiritual practice. It felt SO good for my hips and shoulder especially. I also appreciate the longer savasana with the sound of the surf! Wow, i feel fantastic.

Really enjoyed this practice

Really enjoyed this practice this morning. I have a lot of hip problems, and my hips feel loose and open coming out of this class. I haven't done a lot of yoga classes and was able to follow by sticking to some of the simpler variations on the poses, but this class could certainly be more challenging if you take on all the variations.

Lightness and brightness in the 'challenge'

Who would have known 'challenging poses' can be introduced in such a joyful, playful yet safe, spacious, surprising way?!
Love your pixie lightness and brightness, Christa - my first class with you. A fun and uplifting way of starting the week! The variety in the 30 days is a great medicine, and introduction to new-to-me Yoga teachers. Will do more DYWM with you, Christa!

FreeSpirit94 1 year ago

I adore your sprightly spirit, it is such a pleasure to flow with you! And the Ocean. I feel so open and ready to give energy back, thank you- namaste!