Open Heart Hatha Yoga

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
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In this class for all levels, Tianne helps you open your chest and shoulder area, cultivating a deeper opening at your heart centre. You will begin slowly, gently flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath. Modifications are encouraged to ensure practice is accessible and safe for everyone.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


cristina53 3 months ago

COVID-19 yogi here. Many thanks for this relaxing practice

ljh101 9 months ago

A relaxing class I sometimes enjoy in the evening as a complement to a more vigorous practice earlier in the day or simply to usher in sleep. I also enjoy Tianne's lovely and soothing voice. Thanks!

Hymana 9 months ago

This was a lovely gentle, restorative and heart opening practice for me as I start my day on this my birthday - what a gift! Thank you Tianne. It was just exactly what I needed.

mom510 9 months ago

Can't yoga teachers talk like normal persons. Take a lesson from Melissa Krieger, for instance.

Ana Amuchastegui 7 months ago

One of the core principles of yoga: non-violence. If you don't feel inspired by this video for any reason, don't watch it! There is no need to do such a harsh comment. My best wishes.

Cindy76 11 months ago

Enjoyed! Love the pace and gentle practice ❤️

Himalaya V 1 year ago

I absolutely loved this practice, thank you! I feel expanded now, open to the new horizons and serene.
Also loved the inspiring quotations during the practice.

ama_L 1 year ago

There were a couple of poses I definitely benefited from in this class. Overall, however, I found it far too slow, more in the realm of restorative yoga than regular hatha. And really, my shoulders and chest could have used much more stretching than this class offered. It was far too gentle for my personal needs. But like I said, there was some good stuff in there.

YisellY 1 year ago

Thank you for this relaxing and heart opening session. I am a new subscriber who does not have time to go to a yoga studio. Doyogawithme allows me to practice my yoga within the confort of my home, which is convenient and easy. I very much enjoy this gentle yoga session as it made me get back in touch with my breathing and my body.