Nurture and Nature: Embracing Abundance

Cortes Island, BC, Canada
Fri, 08/06/2021 - Wed, 08/11/2021
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A variety of accommodation options are available - For more information click on the Registration button above. All prices include tuition, room and all meals. Taxes and fees are additional. A CD$395 deposit is required at registration, with the balance due on your departure day. 10% off if you register before July 6, 2021.

Program Description

Embrace the abundance of August in the Pacific Northwest on spectacular Cortes Island. Summer is the season to savor the fruits of the year's growth, the warm air is thick with the smell of sweet berries, and the forests vibrant and lush.  Each day you will be nourished with exquisite food, invigorated by dynamic yoga classes, inspired by diverse nature immersions, and enlivened by connecting with new friends. Afternoon hikes, lake swims, and forest bathing will be incorporated into the program making this a celebration of summer and living, a dream getaway.

All levels welcome.

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We needed a special venue for our Gift of Ground retreat, and we found it at Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre.

The Centre’s commitment to environmentalism is evident in its green building practices, and all-organic, locally-sourced menu, and is leavened through relationships with the First Nations on whose lands the Centre is built. Combine all this with beautiful accommodations, a library, hiking, kayaking, and massage and bodywork services, and you have everything you need to leave your hectic city life behind.

For nearly forty years, Hollyhock has provided a nurturing and supportive environment for holistic learning and growth. What better place to deepen your practice and reconnect with the natural world?


Stunning buffet-style all-organic vegetarian meals are served up three times a day at Hollyhocks cosy Dining Room, and once a week the chefs pull together to produce a fresh-caught seafood feast accompanied by beach side BBQ oyster appetisers.

Produce is sourced primarily from the Centre’s very own intensive organic garden, and chefs are happy to accommodate any specific health or dietary restrictions. And if you happen to find yourself a little peckish between meals, you can grab a bite from a 24-hour snack bar stocked with bread, condiments, fruit, coffee, and tea.

For more information please see:


Hollyhock offers a variety of accommodation options to suit most styles and budgets. Cosy up to a loved one in a Couple’s ocean side room, share a Twin room with a friend, get communal with a Dorm room.

All built accommodation will feature tasteful decor, plenty of exposed wood, and natural light. For those looking to reconnect with the land, booking a Tent site is also a terrific option.

Whatever you choose, your accommodation costs will include your food, amenities, and access to one of the most stunning natural environments on earth!

How to Get There

Hollyhock is located the just outside the community of Mason’s Landing on Cortes Island, British Columbia. Though remote, Hollyhock is accessible via seaplane, water taxi, car and ferry, and even bus.

Guest services are happy to provide shuttle services to and from ferry, seaplane, and water taxi terminals, and will also help you find a rideshare through their rideshare board. More information on these services is available on Hollyhock’s website here:

A detailed pamphlet on getting to and from the Centre is available for download here:

Teacher Bio


I have been doing yoga for over twenty years, and have had a difficult time finding yoga instructors that I enjoy. Since finding Fiji McAlpine on DoYogaWithMe about three years ago, I finally found a yoga instructor whose teaching style is perfect for me. I did her classes for over a year before attending her retreats for two years in a row in Mexico. It was even more incredible practicing with her in person. She pushes you to your edge and her classes are challenging, but it is in a way that is safe, mindful, and teaches you to listen to your own body. The retreat location was fantastic, and Fiji made herself available to everyone during and after the classes. I strongly recommend her retreats and classes for yogis of all levels. She is a wonderful yoga instructor, and a caring, considerate, insightful person!

Janna, Retired, Virginia, USA


I had watched DoYogaWithMe videos with Fiji for about five years before I went to a retreat to meet her live and in person. To me it felt like meeting a favored celebrity! But within moments, I felt like a cherished old friend of hers, seeing her with her family, talking over dinner, having "real" conversation, even going on a hike! It made me relax more about doing several hours of yoga in a week with her - which was incredible. I completed challenging poses I had never done before (wheel, headstand, handstand, crow) and really strengthened my resolve to practice daily. She takes the time to individually assist you with melting deeper into a pose, correcting a stance, or helping you to breathe appropriately. Mexico 2019 was a time and place, and experience I shall never forget! Thank you Fiji!

Margot, Zumba Instructor and Homeschooling Mom, NH, USA


Fiji's retreats are an essential part of my practice: each time I am amazed at what more I can do.

Anthony, Business Executive, Boston, USA


I have attended three DoYogaWithMe retreats. Fiji is a gifted instructor! She creatively weaved common threads throughout the week, mixing in both familiar and new elements each day. A lovely retreat!

Loralie, North Carolina, Realtor


Fiji planned a thoughtful and thorough exploration of asanas and pranayama, and seamlessly integrated them into her always wonderful sequences. She was present throughout the retreat to answer questions and give advice and never failed to address questions during or after her classes.

Hillary, NYC, USA


Fiji's classes offer an opportunity to challenge and advance in both life and yoga practice through her spirited playfulness and a strong connection to the heart and soul.

Alison, Artist and Support Worker


charring@atomic... 3 weeks ago

Wondering if you have clear info on who can actually travel to Canada at this point (looking at the info provided online it is pretty difficult to figure out if U.S citizens will be able to travel into Canada in August).
Sounds wonderful though!

Fiji McAlpine 2 weeks ago

Yes it is confusing!

At this point Canadian citizens who are double vaccinated can enter without quarantine. By August we are hoping that same standard will be used for Americans too but we don't know when that will happen.

We can add you to the waitlist for September, I also will be teaching there again the following summer.