Nourish Your Soul

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Tracey's energy comes alive as she teaches this fun, challenging ocean-side flow with two of her students. During class, she eloquently infuses the theme of 'nourishing your soul' into all that she does, while encouraging a way of practicing yoga that is inspiring, gratifying and nourishing.

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So great for the back! If you
flowerofhope's picture
flowerofhope 1 month ago

So great for the back! If you carry tension in your upper back like I do this class is amazing for loosening that up - the first time I did it it was borderline painful because I was so tight but the more I do it the better I feel :-) Namaste

CampHillGal 1 month ago

I really enjoyed this class. It was well cued. Thank you very much!

Feeling Great
Summercita's picture
Summercita 1 month ago

Thank you Tracy!
I've enjoyed the video so much, with just nice stretching and strengthening, a perfect video for anyone who wants to do a whole set of home yoga practice.
The length is perfect. Just hope to add in some lateral splits inside ;).

Such Great Pacing
Celestial 1 month ago

Tracey, your classes offer a beautiful flow and pacing. Great cueing as well. Namaste

Great cues
Dakota Drummer 2 months ago

Nice details in cues. Nice pace, coordinated with the breath well.

Thanks again
mario-gp 3 months ago

Tracey. I really love this. It always makes me feel better.
I need more from you :)

igotglitteronmy... 5 months ago

Thank you again, for another wonderful lesson...

"Trust the ground beneath you"

"Nourish yourself...."

These are the lessons I will take for myself this evening as I practice this in candlelight :)

Amazing class
conorward274 5 months ago

Did this class for the first time the other day, the middle section is great, and really challenged me in some new areas. Great addition to the site! Definitely one I will be revisiting again and again.