Nourish Your Soul

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Tracey's energy comes alive as she teaches this fun, challenging ocean-side flow with two of her students. During class, she eloquently infuses the theme of 'nourishing your soul' into all that she does, while encouraging a way of practicing yoga that is inspiring, gratifying and nourishing.


It really nourish my soul and
saskab 4 days ago

It really nourish my soul and body! Thank you!!! I keep coming back to this video, it is my favourite :)

This was an amazing class,
boysugar 2 weeks ago

This was an amazing class, filled with strong and powerful work, while still allowing for a sensation of peace to caress the senses.

Thank you Tracey!

I did it!
mario-gp 3 weeks ago

I did it!
I did it in its entirety from beginning to end.
It's awesome...

caramelslut 1 month ago

This site has 100% rekindled my passion for yoga. I am an advanced beginner to intermediate and I think this class was amazing. The first time I really enjoyed the semi-challenging yet familiar poses and overall the afterglow had me feeling super loose and accomplished. Being able to complete this video was for me a sort of feather in my cap. The second time around, as someone else said, was absolutely heavenly. It felt like chugging a gallon of cold spring water on a hot, oppressively humid day. The timing and cues are wonderful. DYWM has never disappointed me. Thank you for sharing this class.

So great for the back! If you
flowerofhope 3 months ago

So great for the back! If you carry tension in your upper back like I do this class is amazing for loosening that up - the first time I did it it was borderline painful because I was so tight but the more I do it the better I feel :-) Namaste

CampHillGal 3 months ago

I really enjoyed this class. It was well cued. Thank you very much!

Feeling Great
Summercita 4 months ago

Thank you Tracy!
I've enjoyed the video so much, with just nice stretching and strengthening, a perfect video for anyone who wants to do a whole set of home yoga practice.
The length is perfect. Just hope to add in some lateral splits inside ;).

Such Great Pacing
Celestial 4 months ago

Tracey, your classes offer a beautiful flow and pacing. Great cueing as well. Namaste