Nourish Your Soul

Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa/Power Yoga

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Tracey's energy comes alive as she teaches this fun, challenging ocean-side flow with two of her students. During class, she eloquently infuses the theme of 'nourishing your soul' into all that she does, while encouraging a way of practicing yoga that is inspiring, gratifying and nourishing.


This is my new favorite video
birdnthesky 2 months ago

This is my new favorite video. i love the slower pace flow. i am transitioning from beginner to intermediate. The slower pace allowed me to take the time I needed to set up each pose . I still found it very challenging and had to modify a couple of the poses. This is perfect for beginners trying to move into the intermediate videos.

Challenging for a gentle flow
framela 2 months ago

Challenging for a gentle flow. My soul does indeed feel nourished--refreshed--and very grounded. This would be a great introductory intermediate class, but still challenged me as a long-time intermediate/advanced practitioner.

Tracey is my favourite yoga
summertime 3 months ago

Tracey is my favourite yoga instructor here and this, one of her first few videos to post, remains one of my favourite classes to do. Thank you Tracey!

Five stars! A keeper! but....
amyandjoey 3 months ago

I absolutely loved this. I felt SO good when I was done. But I do wish she had mirrored, bc I found sometimes I was doing what she did, other times I was listening to whether she prompted right or left. Numerous I caught myself saying, "whoops! didn't I already do this side?" :-p

Really great instruction though. She's amazing.

Smurgy 3 months ago

A lovely practice which was truly grounding

loved this, thank you so much
Suze009 4 months ago

loved this, thank you so much :)

janets63 9 months ago

I wish Iwas there practicing with you , the water sounds amazing . namaste :)

Solly Marshall-... 11 months ago

I don't know what it is about this class but it was intoxicating in the most unexpected and refreshing way. On the one hand, the class is not too intense, but the stretches are deep and tap into a life-blood that's incredibly revitalising. And judging by the comments, there's a consensus among the yogis here.

Happy :)
erikag420 11 months ago

This class was challenging yet so refreshing, each movement flowed so easily into the next. I am very glad I took the time to nourish myself.

My first intermediate class
bethany.durys 1 year ago

I've just been doing yoga for a few months and I chose this for my first intermediate class because I was familiar with the moves and didn't see any that I couldn't do to some degree. I'm glad I picked it! It was a good next level of activity and there are some poses that I can work on mastering.