Neck Stretch: Levator Scapula

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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There is no better neck stretch that gets the muscle that attaches to the shoulder blade from the neck, the Levator Scapula. This can be a chronically tight muscle for many, making this stretch a great source of relief. When doing these exercises, be sure to remember to breathe. If you begin to get dizzy, try turning your head a little bit less.

Pose Position: Sitting
Body Part: Neck

Muscle Groups

Upper Body: Levator Scapula


Dakota Drummer 5 years ago

In order to target the levator muscle even further, I recommend A different arm/hand position on the side that you are stretching:
here are two options to target the left levator:
1. Reach your left-hand high overhead and then bend your elbow to place your left hand at the base of your neck. Stretch your head at a diagonal as shown in the video.

2. The second option would be to raise the left arm straight overhead. It can be helpful to grasp a chin up bar, top of door frame, or other object to help stretch the arm overhead.

Here's the reason that these variations are helpful:
Because of where the levator muscle attaches to the shoulder blade/scapula, when the shoulder blade is rotated upward, the attachment of the levator moves downward, away from its other attachment to the neck.

Try it out!