Morning Hatha Yoga

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
Average: 4.8 (417 votes)
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This beginner hatha yoga class is a nice way to wake up and start your day, if you only have half an hour to spare. Melissa goes at a nice pace, spending enough time in poses to create a good release, and emphasizing alignment and breath. You will love the way you feel after doing this class!

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


terkalin 2 years ago

Great routine when you only have about 35 minutes. Love Melissa's detailed instruction on form while encouraging you to do what feels right for your body. Nice stretching, poses and gentle lunges are just my speed to warm up for the day. I also like the way she encourages us not to go too swayback when doing the hamstring forward bend stretch move.

Shira Salingre 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this one. Melissa, I love how you make everything straight forward and simple to understand and taking the time for adjustments. Thank you!

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Perfect! Just what I neededto get back after taking a dayoff from a tender lower back. I feel so much better and less stiff. Just enough but not too intense. Great directions. Namaste

Shira Salingre 2 years ago

After not doing any yoga for over a month, this was the best way to go back into it! I love how I don't have to look to see what to do as you explain everything so clearly (and I'm not even a native English speaker). Thank you so much! Namaste.

jennMann1 3 years ago

I really enjoy this class and the sound of the waves helps me with deep breathing. Melissa is a great teacher and helps me get the most out of each pose.

anniebell 3 years ago

Perfect- just what I needed this morning. Thank you so much.

jozefien 3 years ago

Hi Melissa,
when you finish the practice with 'thank you for joining me', I always have to say, thank you so much for teaching me!
I love this class, especially on days when waking up is not easy

stephleest 3 years ago

I woke up feeling like a crumpled piece of paper - my shoulders misaligned, my back and hips feeling knotty and tight - and this class made me feel much better. My body had a lot more movement and flexibility halfway through the class. I can feel a big difference between my first and last few breaths. Thank you Melissa!

chopper 3 years ago

Meliss what a gift you have been blessed with teaching yoga to all of us in our homes around the world . I do so many of your classes I feel like you are my friend and I am truly grateful for you and all that you bring to this hurry up world . I love the setting and sound of the water and now I feel ready to work !!!