DoYogaWithMe June 2018 updates
Happy June everyone! As the days get longer and the nights warmer, we are reminded that the changing of the season offers us the opportunity to switch things up. Instead of a before bed Netflix session, how about a long evening walk? Skip the treadmill at the gym and mow that lawn! It is easy to settle into a routine and overlook the activities and experiential moments that won’t be here all year. On that note, we have a bevy of classes that meet you wherever you happen to be in the season of your life.

New Subscriber-only Classes

Yin Yoga | 60 min | Beginner
Instructor: David Procyshyn
In this second class of his 2-part series Yoga for Seniors (55+), David leads you through a gentle, beginners yoga class that helps you gain and maintain strength, balance and flexibility; factors which become increasingly important as you age. These classes are remedial as well as a preventative measure to avoid chronic pain and limited mobility. The first class in this series is Yoga for Seniors: Improve Strength, Flexibility and Balance I.
Yoga for Kids | 4-22 min | Beginner
Instructor: Alyssa Jean Klazek
Alyssa Jean has six yoga for toddlers classes in total, three of them for subscribers. These classes are full of music, fun, play and yoga, and are perfect for kids ages 2 to 5. The link will take you to our Yoga Classes page, where you will see them all.

New Classes Available To All

Yoga for Kids | 29 min | Beginner
Instructor: Alyssa Jean Klazek
Alyssa Jean is fun, playful and a fantastic yoga teacher. She guides your kids through a class that will have them breathing, playing, singing and, best of all, doing yoga!
Vinyasa/Power Yoga | 39 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Rachel takes 5 minutes to teach you how to find the strength and balance to hop forward from downward facing dog to mountain pose. She focuses on establishing a feeling of lightness and control, which takes significant flexibility and strength in the shoulders and core. You may want to repeat this class a number of times.
Pranayama and Meditation | 39 min | Intermediate
Instructor: David Procyshyn
In this breathwork class, David takes you through two rounds of pranayama and guided meditation. The first calms the nervous system and focuses the mind. The second takes you on an in-depth exploration of the chakra system, encouraging you to release tension and fully experience your inner world.
Hatha Yoga | 32 min | Beginner
Instructor: David Procyshyn
This is the second installment in a 2-part series on lower back care. It focuses on using yoga for lower back pain relief, offering stretches for the lower back and techniques to relax the muscles that are often responsible for lower back pain. The first class is called Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back I
Yoga for Kids | 3-5 min | Beginner
Instructor: Alyssa Jean Klazek
Three of Alyssa Jean’s six yoga for toddlers classes are free for all to watch. These classes are full of music, fun, play and yoga, and are perfect for kids ages 2 to 5. The link above will take you to our Yoga Classes page, where you will see them all.

Other New Features

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression | 7 days | Beginner
David’s multi-decade relationship with anxiety has given him a deep understanding of the condition. Over the years, David has tested the effects of yoga and meditation on his anxiety and has developed techniques to address the condition, shifting his relationship to anxiety. He has designed an easy-to-follow, step-by-step learning series available via the link above. It’s completely free, is conducted via email and leads to our subscriber program Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
Our Most Recent Sangha Session (Saturday, May 12, 2018)
Sangha sessions are questions that inspire community dialogue on our forum. These questions help us understand what is important to our community as well as giving our members the opportunity to share, ask and connect.
Community Question: "Where did you first hear about DYWM?"

Our Next Sangha Session (Saturday, June 2, 2018)

Community Question: “Do you most often prefer to do a class that you have 1) already done or 2) never done? Why?"

New Website Features

Under ‘About Us’ you will see a new page detailing our mission. Get a sense of what we care about, how we run our business, our promise to the DYWM community and our pledge to maintain integrity as our community grows. Get to know what makes us tick!
We are excited to present 20-30 minute interviews, every second Tuesday on Teacher Feature Tuesday. These chats feature one (or more!) of our fabulous teachers and are hosted by the ever charming David Procyshyn. Certain chats are live streamed, while others are pre-recorded, depending on the teacher’s availability. They are light, conversational interviews… some just shoot the breeze while others have a particular focus. But both are sure to include lots of laughs!
Up until now we have only been posting our teacher bloopers on social media. We have collected them all and featured them on our new ‘Bloopers and Outtakes’ page. Check it out and see if you missed any!

New Content Coming Soon!

Yoga for Plus Size Students with Helen Camisa
Helen’s clarity, lovely delivery and fun attitude will make these classes fun for anyone who may be new to yoga or is having trouble adapting their yoga practice to their bodies. A series of seven classes for bigger bodies is coming soon.
Yoga for 50+ with Satiya Channer
Satiya doesn’t look it, but she is 50+ herself. Her approach to yoga for those a bit older is gentle, warm and accommodating. She makes beginners of any age feel good.
More Pilates with Kathi Ells
We have filmed another series of pilates classes with Kathi that will help further your understanding of the pilates system and how it can strengthen your body, as well as classes that will challenge you in a big way!
More Classes with Your Favorite Teachers!
We have lined up new filming sessions with Fiji, David, Crista, Tracey, Satiya, Sarah, Sarah-Jane, Ron, Nicky and Tianne. And that’s just the beginning! More great classes, programs, challenges and other fantastic content coming this summer!