This is DoYogaWithMe's May 2018 update, showing you our most recent content and what is coming soon!

Hello DYWM Community! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve got many exciting projects on the go. This is your monthly update!

In this article, we’ll fill you in on our most recent additions, give you a glimpse of what we're currently working on and share our ever-evolving-big-picture-hi-def-full-res-grand-vision for the future!

New Programs

7-Day Chakra Healing Series
Vinyasa | 7 classes | Intermediate/Advanced
Fiji McAlpine

Fiji dives deep into the chakra system, moving from the base chakra (muladhara) to the crown chakra (sahasrara). The whole chakra system needs to be functioning well for you to feel a sense of complete well-being. Fiji takes you through each with skill and care.

New Subscriber-only Classes

Yin Yoga to Nourish Your Hips
Yin | 60 min | Beginner
Rachel Scott

If you have tight, sore hips Rachel has the perfect class for you. Yin yoga is a wonder way to deepen your connection to your sore muscles and joints and this class does that and more, nurturing and nourishing your body.

Creating Internal Lightness
Hatha | 60 min | Beginner
Rachel Scott

This powerful class has Rachel teaching you through experience how to lighten your practice, even when things are really, really hard.

Superfly Dragonfly
Vinyasa | 64 min | Advanced
Crista Shillington

Have you ever done dragonfly or grasshopper pose (maksikanagasana)? This is a brilliantly-designed class that teaches you how to get there in a progressive, safe and fun way.

Yoga for Seniors: Improve Strength, Flexibility and Balance I
Gentle Hatha | 28 min | Beginner
David Procyshyn

In this easily accessible class for seniors, David teaches you how to stretch your entire body in a gentle, safe way, improving the range of motion in your joints. Strengthen the muscles that are important for support and work through a sequence of poses that helps improve your balance. A great way to feel limber, relaxed and mentally clear.

Yoga For Toddlers: Breathing
Yoga For Kids | 8 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean

This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of conscious breathing specifically for your little ones. Alyssa Jean leads a fun class full of big breaths, movement, yoga poses, lots of animals and an intention (a wish) while singing the mantra AUM.

Yoga For Toddlers: Balance
Yoga For Kids | 4 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean

Alyssa Jean helps your kids build their balance pretending to be a bird and an airplane (dekasana), as well as a tree (vrksasana) in this class for kids. When it gets too windy, the tree falls! But, of course there is a seed that grows up into another tree!

New Classes Available To All

Self Esteem and Empowerment
Vinyasa | 37min | Intermediate
Fiji McAlpine

Fiji helps you feel creative and empowered in this challenging intermediate vinyasa yoga class.

The Space Within Us
Vinyasa/Power | 39 min | Intermediate
Fiji McAlpine

This class is all about feeling light, expansive and effortless, even when you’re doing all of the tough poses that Fiji usually asks you to do within her average class.

Chatting Chaturanga
Vinyasa/Power | 39 min | Intermediate
Tracey Noseworthy

Have you mastered chaturanga dandasana? It is one of the toughest poses in yoga, and is a pose that is repeated within a vinyasa flow. Tracey has a trick to get you into chaturanga safely and mindfully.

Yoga For Toddlers: Standing
Yoga For Kids | 5 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean Klazek

In this playful and musical class, Alyssa Jean explores standing poses. Poses explored are forward fold (chandrasana), triangle pose (trikonasana), warrior 2 (virabhadrasana b) and side angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana) She sings fun kids songs to accompany each pose.

Yoga For Toddlers with Alyssa Jean Klazek: Seated Poses
Yoga For Kids | 3 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean Klazek

This class gets your kids grounded... in the good way! Alyssa Jean sings her way through the class, leading kids through seated forward fold (paschimottanasana) and boat pose (navasana).

Yoga For Toddlers with Alyssa Jean Klazek: Relaxation
Yoga For Kids | 5 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean Klazek

This playful, creative class helps your kids learn how to relax. Alyssa Jean plays her guitar and musically guides you into savasana. She then introduces the concept of intention and helps your kids focus on the intention accompanied by a singing bowl.

Meditation with Alyssa Jean Klazek: Guided Meditations for Kids
Audio Meditation | 7-9 min | Beginner
Alyssa Jean Klazek

Three guided meditations for kids that encourage them to feel empowered, use their imagination, breathe, and relax.


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Community Events

7-Day Chakra Healing Series with Fiji McAlpine
When: May 1-7, 2018

We hope you enjoyed Fiji's Chakra Healing Series. For those who missed it, you can complete the program on your own schedule and share in thte community forum with others. This program explores the significance of the chakras, the chakra system and the power they have to heal. To join, simply go to the program. To connect with others who are doing it too, go to the Chakra Healing Series Forum thread.


Teacher Bloopers
A new page featuring the funny moments where teachers are just being themselves, making mistakes and sometimes even cursing!

Teacher Interviews
A new page featuring a series of interviews with our instructors on a variety of topics.

New Anxiety Learning Series
For those living with chronic anxiety, this is an email-based instructional series with David Procyshyn on learning how to let go of the grip that chronic anxiety has on your life.

Part 2 - Yoga for Seniors Classes with David Procyshyn
Designed for seniors (55+), this second part in the series helps develop and maintain strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion through simple exercises, yoga and relaxation.

Pranayama and Relaxation to Heal the Chakras with David Procyshyn
This class, that is all seated or lying down, will show you the power of pranayama and guided meditation to invigorate the body, focus the mind and heal the chakra system.

Yoga for Kids Age 2-8 with Alyssa-Jean Klazek
Alyssa-Jean's playful approach will have your kids stretching, balancing, playing, singing... and doing yoga!

Part 2 - Yoga for Lower Back Pain with David Procyshyn
David has a series of two videos that help you strengthen key supportive muscles and stretch and relax those that are often responsible for lower back pain.

Yoga for 55+ with Satiya Channer
Satiya has two gentle hatha yoga classes coming soon that she ddesigned for those who are 55 and older.

Jumping Forward Tutorial with Rachel Scott
We have had so many people ask us for a tutorial on how to get really good at jumping forward from downward facing dog to the front of your yoga mat... you'll be able to watch it very soon!