Monthly Update - June 2020
As you may already know, in an effort to help people stay home and stay healthy during the COVID19 pandemic, DoYogaWithMe has offered everyone affected by lock-down 2 Month premium memberships and free meditation album downloads. We're thrilled to share that over 15,000 people have joined the community and 1,400 meditation album downloads have been accessed thus far. As this challenging time continues, it is comforting to know that we are all in this together and as a community, we can support one another, even at a distance. Blessings to you all.

Monthly Poll

Father's Day is coming up quick and that got us thinking... Is there interest within the community for a special Beginner's Yoga For Men Program?
Let us know! Help us shape the future of DYWM and let us know what inspires you by taking the quick poll below.

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Upcoming Content

We have added a new page under Basics, called Topics, that will feature our Eco-Friendly Yogi and Living Yoga series.

  • New Classes from Fiji, Tianne, Nyk, Jonni and Guy

  • New Yoga Explained Tutorials from Rachel can be found in Tutorials, under Basics

  • New Eco-Friendly Yogi episodes from David (This series is part of our Can You Practice Without Plastic? campaign - Sign up for the newsletter and get involved today!)

  • New Living Yoga episodes from David and Fiji

  • 6 New Free Guided Meditation Tracks


New Site Features

Updated Class Filter Options

We're excited to announce that we have updated our class filters!

Our newest addition being our 'Focus' filter, where you can now sort classes by theme. These new filter additions will allow users to search much more precisely. Just click on the drop-down, make your selection and hit "Apply".

Keyboard Shortcuts from Video Player

These Keyboard Shortcuts will definitely help save some time when viewing your favorite class!

  • Spacebar: Toggle Pause/Play
  • F Key: Enter Full-Screen Mode
  • Esc Key: Exit Full-Screen Mode
  • Up Arrow: Increase Volume
  • Down Arrow: Decrease Volume
  • Right Arrow: Forward 10 seconds
  • Left Arrow: Backward 10 seconds



Upcoming Level 1 and 2 Cohorts ($600 USD each):

July 6, 2020

To join Level 1 Certification - Jul 6/20 Cohort, click here.

To join Level 2 Certification - Jul 6/20 Cohort, click here.

New Retreat Announcements

Upcoming Retreats at Mar de Jade:

* $600USD Early Bird Price available until Sept 30, 2020 - After which it will be $700. *

Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Feb 13 - Feb 20, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Mar 6 - Mar 13, 2021
Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Upcoming Retreats at Hollyhock:

Oct 9 - Oct 14, 2020
Cortes Island, BC, Canada

Upcoming Retreats at Elohee:

Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2020
Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia, United States

New Classes Available To All

All Yoga Classes:

Basics and Beyond: Day 3
Gentle Yoga | 34 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Melissa Krieger
Melissa leads you through gentle backbends from a multitude of positions and postures all while ensuring engagement of the core, keeping your back secure and safe.

Gentle Yoga | 30 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Melissa Krieger
Accessible to yogis of all skill levels, this practice explores side bends and gently lengthening the side body.
Yin Yoga | 27 min | Beginner I
Instructor: Nyk Danu
Tight, immobile shoulders and sore, stiff neck muscles are common side effects of a work week spent sitting in front of a computer. In this quick practice, Nyk helps you bring ease and relief to these chronically tight areas while experiencing spaciousness throughout your body.
Gentle Yoga | 23 min | Beginner II
Instructor: Guy Friswell
Build a calm and clear awareness of your internal vital energies in this class from Guy.
Hatha Yoga | 27 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Bring awareness to your core and prepare the body for safe hand-balances in this beginner/intermediate hatha practice. Rachel builds the foundational awareness needed to support and protect your wrists when bearing weight in balance poses like crow and side plank.
Fundamentals of Practice Day 5
Vinyasa Yoga | 22 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Shoulder stability is fundamental when preparing for inversions. In this fast paced class, Rachel explores ways to access the functional strength and stability required before progressing to more advanced poses.

New Subscriber-only Classes

Yoga for Kids and Families:

Yoga for Kids | 23 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
In this kids yoga class, David guides you to move and strengthen the whole body in a fun flow for children ages 6-12 as well as their parents or care-givers.
Yoga for Kids | 39 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
Wake up and start the day on the right foot with this playful and energizing morning yoga practice for kids and families. David begins with a brief guided meditation, before guiding you through a progression of creative postures and concludes the practice with a serene relaxation sequence.

All Yoga Classes:

PNF Stretching | 12 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
This class explores utilizing the PNF technique to release tension in your lower back. David demonstrates a seated side bend that stretches both the erector spinae and the quadratus lumborum; the two important muscle groups connecting the spine to the pelvis.
PNF Stretch: Hip Flexor (Psoas)
PNF Stretching | 9 min | Beginner I
Instructor: David Procyshyn
David uses the PNF technique to lengthen and release the psoas and iliopsoas; two key hip-flexor muscles. Because it is responsible for lifting the leg forwards, the psoas can become extremely tight in individuals who spending a lot of time sitting, running and/or cycling.
Guided Meditation | 9 min | Beginner II
Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel
In this seated practice dedicated to Ganesha, Jonni-Lyn leads you through chanting, utilizing mudra as well as japa meditation.
The Elements Day 7
Vinyasa Yoga | 16 min | Intermediate I
Instructor: Crista Shillington
This quick class will create a sense of spaciousness in your legs, hips and chest. At just 16 minutes long, this class can fit into even the busiest schedules.
The Elements Day 6
Vinyasa Yoga | 44 min | Intermediate II
Instructor: Crista Shillington
Crista introduces the 'ether mudra', or 'dhyana mudra', in this intermediate practice dedicated to the principles of introspection, contemplation and inner clarity.
Rise and Thrive
Vinyasa Yoga | 26 min | Intermediate III
Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
Fiji is back with this short and invigorating morning practice to help you start your day with a blast of energy and a clear intention. She guides you through a vinyasa flow that awakens the body and mind through a combination of challenging postures, creative transitions, focused breath work as well as some twists. No props needed here!

Yoga Challenges | Available To All

Whether your practice is already well developed or just getting established, this 'back to basics' week long challenge from Melissa delivers far beyond expectations.

View Challenge