Modified Prenatal Vinyasa

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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Sarah Jane guides you through a vinyasa adapted for mothers to be in their second and third trimesters. You will be doing modified side planks and outer and inner hip strengthening to make your body strong in the rest of your pregnancy and post partum, along with calf stretches, and spinal mobility to bring balance to the sacrum and facilitate good fetal positioning. Always stop at junctures where you feel dizzy and out of breath, and remember to stay hydrated. Build up to completing the full practice.

Equipment: Bolster, Blankets
Style: Postnatal Yoga


Lauralbc28 1 month ago

I found this practice at 40 weeks of pregnancy, and it was magical. I loved the lunge variation - really helped open my sticky inner thighs without putting too much strain on my loose pelvis. Thank you!

Gilligan_jo 10 months ago

This is a great slower paced practice. There are a couple good challenging holds, without overdoing it (for me) since my practice has definitely slowed in pregnancy but trying to stay loose and strong. I enjoy the prenatal classes offered by both you and Fiji. They are so wonderful to help us/me keep going through all the body changes. Thank you!