Maintain Alignment in Standing Poses

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Understanding alignment is one of the most important aspects of yoga. It can be the difference between feeling good and experiencing pain after a yoga class. In this class, David teaches you how to maintain alignment in some of yoga's more common standing poses.

Equipment: Strap, Block, Blankets


Meganbcomer 1 year ago

This has helped me improve the subtle movements that really make these poses work.

naomi1 1 year ago

Great class, and one I'll return to, its so easy to do/copy poses without focusing on how the body should be positioned (and how that feels) for maximum benefit

Katspike 1 year ago

Really helpful in getting the full benefit of each pose - finding a sense of personal balance and stretch as you work through the postures. Thank you David.

shyone 1 year ago

Another great class, feeling ready to get on with my day.

Fantastic. I have been doing Yoga for a wee while and it is great to get back to basics and remind me, and my body, the correct way to move into the different shapes.

I've done yesterday and todays yoga practices now and the one for sure positive thing I've noticed, that is mention at the end of this video, is the constant stability. I am a tall man and most things in the world are not catered to my size, but I have already been more aware of that. My body has been letting me know when it is not in a stable position (i.e. standing over the sink) and it has made it much easier to figure out how to stabilize myself because of these last two practices (i.e. tilting the pelvis to make my spine straight). Thanks again, David!