Luxurious Restorative Yoga


Deeeeep Release
Irishlove 7 months ago

Thank you so much, Satiya, for this incredibly creative restorative class. I felt emotions long hidden in my body release at a cellular level. I especially liked the extended Viparita Karani introduction and the Apanasana (squeeze variation) to Supta Baddha Konasana transition. I'm back on the mat after being seriously injured a wee bit over a year ago and this was just what I needed today. Namaste from Ireland.

In my bookmark as one of my
Reineira 9 months ago

In my bookmark as one of my favourites. Thank you!!

just what I needed after 2
summer2012 9 months ago

just what I needed after 2 nights of no sleep. thanks

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!
Paulette9 9 months ago

Satya! You did it again! I love your other restorative classes, but this one is truly incredibly luxurious! I love that most of it is done on our backs with minimal repositioning. I love how you directed our breath to so many new places. I love how we could use our own background music. And of course I love your soothing voice and precise instructions. And . . . YOU are looking great! Thanks so much for all you do for the yoga community!

Peaceful spacious body
nipper 9 months ago

Peaceful spacious body exploration and sensing practice. Time well spent to restore body and mind.
Soothing. Nice for a cold snowy day.