Kundalini Yoga for Better Sleep

Intermediate I

This wonderfully calming kundalini yoga class helps you feel more grounded, relaxed and mentally calm. Dawn's guidance is so gentle and reassuring and the ocean waves behind her help lull you into a beautiful state of relaxation and preparation for a good night's sleep.



Existing Comments

October 20, 2020

After going through a lot of routines, this one was a perfect fit for my before-bed routine. Thanks a lot!

September 29, 2020

This was amazing. I actually felt my body sink like in sleep after one pose. Thank you!

January 9, 2019

Thank you Dawn!! I love all your classes. Your guidance is so soft and gentle, your energy is so warm and peaceful. Your instructions are great and I love how you give modifications. I also love how at the end rather than instructing to come out of savasana you close the class, allowing us to stay longer. Thank you very much!! oxoxox

July 21, 2018

Hello Dawn,
I would like to thank you for all your classes, especially this one, my sleep improved a lot.
Thank you!

Helen Alford
January 26, 2018

I love the way she smiles mischievously while telling you to hold upside down tabletop with one leg in the air, your head upside down and doing breath of fire. But I do feel still afterwards and I enjoy these classes a lot. I'm pleased as I never would have got access to Kundalini yoga without DYWM

December 20, 2017

hi, every time im forward to practice this video but always some freezing issues.. can you please check or reload? thank you ..

David Procyshyn
December 22, 2017

Hi there. Sorry about the streaming issue. There are two things you can do to fix it: 1, change your browser. Often that can be causing the problem. 2, click on the settings button at the bottom right of the video and choose '360'.
Let me know if those help.