Intro to Flow

Intro to Flow

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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Break down of the elements of vinysasa flow yoga, including how to do ujayi breath and move through sun salutations safely. This is meant as a starting point for people new to this style of yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


This class was ...
Emanpo 3 hours ago

This class was a well done, thoughtful reminder of flow basics.

Good for inexperienced ...
Emoir 4 hours ago

Good for inexperienced but capable yoga student.

Nice introduction to ...
jburdeni 3 days ago

Nice introduction to the correct way to flow.

I wish this ...
LaGuiri 5 days ago

I wish this class had been available many years ago when I began to try videos that weren't super basic or very slow (like the Yin yoga ones). It truly is a perfect transition from beginner to intermediate and a great way to start Vinyasa.

Crista always makes ...
goddess50 6 days ago

Crista always makes me smile! Although I am not a beginner, I enjoyed doing this practice with a beginner's mind as a reminder of the basics that some of us might take for granted. Thank you for the opportunity!

An opportunity to ...
chvanhoutven 6 days ago

An opportunity to really focus on the breath and slow things down to get into flow. Awesome class

Enjoyable! At ...

Enjoyable! At first I was hoping for another intermediate class and although this is not, it was a good reminder of the breath and details of the poses. I was able to challenge myself to stretch deeper and remind myself how far I've come in my yoga practice.

A nice reminder ...
StephanieVM 6 days ago

A nice reminder of the correct way to ease into postures. Relaxing and well instructed.