Hippity Hips

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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Who doesn't like a class that releases your hips? Crista's unique approach will not only do that - with style! - she'll have you doing foot balances, arm balances, arm binds, deep stretches for the shoulders, legs and lower back and, of course, core work. Her smile and fun energy will carry you through the many tough, challenging parts of this class, encouraging you to move, stretch and push your body to the limits in a thorough, satisfying way.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Thanks Crista!
sweetp2828 10 months ago

This is exactly what I needed today, especially the HA kicks! Thank you so much for this unique and beautiful practice :)

Arm balance
Smudge 1 year ago

I really enjoy learning something new like the arm balance, kind of side plankish with the lower leg hooked around the supporting arm. The finish of the class was a real gift.

I too ventured from
sylvieca 1 year ago

I too ventured from intermediate to do this class. Quite surprised myself thanks as ever to Crista's great guidance! May even get to the balance in a month or so! Lovely, thank you Crista!

Puffelda 1 year ago

I am more of an intermediate practice, but i was able to keep up fairly well. It's a bit tough on the 'ol wrists, but i will absolutely do this class again. The ending is truly captivating! Thank you Christa for your inspiration!!

Great Leveled Class!
Christine Morgan 1 year ago

This was my first advanced class, so I was nervous, but I needn't have been. This was a great workout, and even though I could not do the full expression of every pose, I never once felt left behind.

My new favorite
theteachick 1 year ago

I feel amazing and my hips are nice and loose. Thanks for another great class, Crista.

Awesome hip openers!
LucyHB 1 year ago

I didn't realise how much I needed this class until I started! After a week of putting in a lot of running miles, I woke up on Saturday morning with stiff, achey legs. When I began the class I noticed my hips were really tight. Having done it, they feel wonderfully loose and open. I was feeling a bit low on energy too, but as usual I am so pleased I came to my mat. The class had a bit of challenge but wasn't super-taxing - it was just what I needed! I always love Crista's classes, thank you!!