Hip Flexor Heaven

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
Average: 4.6 (287 votes)
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This class targets the hips flexors, a common problem area for many, including runners, athletes, people with desk jobs and those with hyperlordosis. David guides you through a class that builds gradually toward a final series of deep openers for the quads and psoas muscles, starting and finishing with a guided relaxation.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


jbencke 2 years ago

Not just the hip flexors, but a super practice for my ability to do “sei-za” when visiting neighbors here in Japan (sitting on the heels in Hero’s pose)! With synovial fluid issues in the knees, this pose has been a problem for a long time, but I’m finding that doing this practice regularly is helping me in my battle with RA. Thank you!

lori onion 3 years ago

Gentle and deep - really felt the difference in my body pre vs post

stuessy 3 years ago

Long rides make my hips super tight. This session is time well invested.

cleofrossard 3 years ago

Reaaaally good class! As people are saying here in the comments, I had never put my thoughts on the elbows during facing dog. Thank you!
Obs.: I guess you forgot to stretch the left leg on the last stretching... Anyway, it was an amazing time of my day.

Petraathome 3 years ago

Revelation 1: learning to use the glutes to target the hip flexors. Fabulous! Revelation 2: After all these years I finally understand how you are supposed to engage your arms in downward dog: elbows as if they bend back towards the knees/floor AND elbows squeezing in towards each other as if squeezing an imaginary beach ball. Brilliant! I'll have to work on that. Thank you, David. Namaste.

Michelle G 3 years ago

I always learn something new from David. In this case the way he leads you into a downward dog is wonderful along with the careful instruction on stretching the hip flexors.

lindaswany 3 years ago

This targeted entirely new areas in the front of the hip. I used to assume hip flexors meant variations of pigeon, but you didn't even go there. Helped me isolate tight areas that have impeded my flexibility in other poses. So glad it was part of the 30 day challenge, or I might not have noticed it. Thank you!

mollybmoon 3 years ago

Phew! This 35 minutes helped me where I needed it. I always feel calmed and respected after listening to David's voice. thank you for this. I've done almost every day - except when I went to DC for the big march - and I feel competent and balances.