Heavenly Hips

Hatha Yoga
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If you want more flexibility around your pelvis, you couldn't find a better class. In 60 minutes you will improve the range of motion in your hips, groin, hip flexors, hamstrings and back. Rachel teaches yoga teachers for a living, which is evident in her style and clarity. She's an incredible instructor to watch, and learning from her is a unique experience.


Awesome video did magic for
leslysc 3 years ago

Awesome video did magic for my hips!

So much energy!
Tas 3 years ago

This is such a GREAT class, it gives me so much energy.
Thanks Rachel !

Opening hips in all directions.
rml244 3 years ago

Rachel is such a good teacher. I love her focus on techniques. Thankfully I have carried over her instruction from some of her other classes into this flow, which she gently reinforces. Namaste.

Beautifully sequenced flow class...
TSpeke 3 years ago

This is an intelligently sequenced flow class filmed at a gorgeous location. Rachel's insightful instruction coupled with the sound of lapping waves in the background make it a delight to re-visit this class time and again. I would love to see a few more of her classes added to your site in the future - ideally filmed in equally idyllic locations! Thanks so much to everyone involved for making such high-quality videos available online - when you live, as I do, in a far-flung corner of the world with no access to a regular class it's especially appreciated.

Yet another fantastic yoga video!
lblonder 3 years ago

Thanks... I'm getting back into yoga after an illness and this was challenging yet perfect to get my hips more open. Rachel is so graceful, it's inspiring... hopefully someday! Love "Do Yoga With Me"

Pretty difficult but something to work towards
seequinn 3 years ago

I've been roller skating recently and did this class to try to open up my hips. I definitely broke a sweat, my hips don't really seem to have much flexibility to the side, so I found side plank with toe-hold impossible to do. Definitely lots to work towards..basic poses such as the final one at 1.01 also are difficult to me, to get far into. Any advice on opening up the hips in that direction some more?

Opening hips
Rachel Scott 2 years ago

Hello! To work on opening the hips to the side, figure four pose (lay on back, cross one ankle over the other knee, draw to chest) is an excellent and stable starter. I love this pose, and it's lovely how it supports the spine as you open the hips. Also doing "deer pose" (I suggest doing a quick google for the visual) is a really lovely way to relax into a hip opener. Let me know how it goes! My apologies for such a delayed response - I just discovered commenting :)

My favorite on the Do Yoga With Me Site!
sarahsarahster 3 years ago

I have practiced along with many different videos on the Do Yoga With Me Site, but this one is my favorite. I would describe my current yoga capability as an advanced beginner, transitioning to intermediate. For my level, this class is the perfect challenge for me. The instruction is excellent and straightforward. It is clear that Rachel has practice & body wisdom that are sometimes lacking in instructors. The flow is invigorating, and I actually break a sweat each time I do it, which I like. I haven't been able to perform the "peak pose" at the end yet, but Rachel inspires me to practice working on it so maybe I will get there one day...

Rachel has developed this unique series using common yoga poses that feels fresh. The rhythm of the class is perfect, building gently enough that my body feels ready for the more challenging poses when they arise. Plus, she threw in a few poses I was not familiar with before watching this video. I love this video!

audreyanne 3 years ago

Really good video for people struggling with sciatica because of pyramidal muscle tightness. Gets pretty hard at the 50th minutes, but I chose to stay in child's pose for a couple minute and relax my inner thights/hips/lower back muscles. Thank you :)

totally awesome
machine 4 years ago

Getting back into yoga after a mountain bike injury. What a fantastic teacher! Rachel, please move to Scotland lol. Thanks for the video rally enjoyed it. Haven't mastered pig pose or shooting feet through arms...... Maybe one day; 0)