Heavenly Hips

Hatha Yoga
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If you want more flexibility around your pelvis, you couldn't find a better class. In 60 minutes you will improve the range of motion in your hips, groin, hip flexors, hamstrings and back. Rachel teaches yoga teachers for a living, which is evident in her style and clarity. She's an incredible instructor to watch, and learning from her is a unique experience.


love this class
kpieczyn 2 years ago

This is my first class with Rachel and I loved it. I'm so happy I found her as a yoga instructor. I will be coming back to this one again and again.

Hi there!
Rachel Scott 2 years ago

I'm so happy that you enjoyed the class! These hip openers never get old :)

Great class
erwilson 2 years ago

One of my favorites. More classes with Rachel please. Her teaching is so clear and easy to follow.

Great Instructions
Becky in George... 2 years ago

Rachel does wonderful clear instructions. This was a great class and one to revisit. I discovered that I need to be protective of my knees as much as stretching my hips; awkward pigeon(?) caused interesting sound effects from the outside of my left knee and made it a bit challenging to complete the class. :) live and learn
I will still try it again and continue to look for Rachel. Thanks.

Sound effects
Rachel Scott 2 years ago

Hi Becky!
Ohhhh, I know those sounds effects!!! Awkward pigeon is so....well...awkward! A great tip is to always keep your shin and hip aligned so the knee acts like a pure hinge joint (never twisting). The knee often takes the brunt when the hips are reluctant to open. I like to substitute a regular low lunge for awkward pigeon when my knees are feeling a bit cranky - I'm a bit conservative and would rather back out and keep my knees happy. We've got a good video on the knees and pigeon on the site if you care to watch, too :)

Rachel is simply awesome!
jessicamceachern23 2 years ago

Rachel is simply awesome! Very impressive. Wasn't able to make it through the whole class, but I am inspired to keeping working toward it. :)

mario-gp 2 years ago

I liked the class. I only wish there were another option easier for half-split. Even that one is difficult for me :)

Very interesting hip session.
KatKB 3 years ago

More classes with Rachel please! She is a great teacher.

Loved it
conyer.clayton 3 years ago

This was a challenging class for me, with my limited outer hip mobility, but I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be doing this same class again!