Heavenly Hips

Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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If you want more flexibility around your pelvis, you couldn't find a better class. In 60 minutes you will improve the range of motion in your hips, groin, hip flexors, hamstrings and back. Rachel teaches yoga teachers for a living, which is evident in her style and clarity. She's an incredible instructor to watch, and learning from her is a unique experience.


Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hi Ken, so happy that you enjoyed the class! I love the little details too :)

I am going to do this
TatianaSFN 1 year ago

I am going to do this wonderful practice again and i like it so much! Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us!

Heavenly Hips
Rachel Scott 1 year ago

So glad that you enjoyed it! I love that I get to "practice" with everyone here. Thx for trying it! :)

A fabulous class!

I really appreciate this yoga sequence. Thank you, Rachel! Excellent instruction, pretty scenery, and it leaves me feeling amazing. Just what I'm looking for. :-) Anne

Very nice!
YoNiki 2 years ago

Very nice class!
I really like the hanumasana :-)

Thanks for the class Rachel,
alexwongc 2 years ago

Thanks for the class Rachel, very nice hip opener for tight hips best vibes!!!

This is a great class! I have
sol3535 2 years ago

This is a great class! I have problems with tight hips since I sit most of the day. This helps me stay loose and prevent injuries during long distance running.

Happy hips
Rachel Scott 2 years ago

So glad to hear it!
Funny enough, running helps me with my yoga! Balance is everything :)

I enjoyed your class, and so
Pattylauthorp 2 years ago

I enjoyed your class, and so did my hips! Need to review this class again & keep them open, thank you.