Heavenly Hips

Hatha Yoga
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If you want more flexibility around your pelvis, you couldn't find a better class. In 60 minutes you will improve the range of motion in your hips, groin, hip flexors, hamstrings and back. Rachel teaches yoga teachers for a living, which is evident in her style and clarity. She's an incredible instructor to watch, and learning from her is a unique experience.


I was amazed with the amount
siobhan6000 10 months ago

I was amazed with the amount of stretch I was able to achieve on Day 7. I must say that there were a couple of times I got a good laugh b/c I thought I was able to complete the pose, only to see Rachel take the pose another two steps forward. Far from being discouraged, I was in awe of what the future holds! Thanks Rachel!

Rachel Scott 10 months ago

Hi Siobhan,
LOL I know what you mean...the thing about yoga? There's always more.
Congrats on taking the challenge! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class! xo

Fun and challenging! Day Seven!
Karrie 10 months ago

Fantastic practice, Rachel! It helped my body feel spacious and flexible. Thank you!

Heavenly hips
Rachel Scott 10 months ago

Hi Karrie, so glad that you liked it! It's amazing how when the hips are open - everything feels better :)

Rachel! This class!
Shannoncoydean 10 months ago

I loved this--thank you so much for the guidance! I didn't make it into the peak pose, but that's okay! ;-)

Heavenly hips
Rachel Scott 10 months ago

Hi Shannon,
Amazing! So glad that you enjoyed :) Getting the peak can be fun, but it's sometimes overrated...it's really the warm up to the peak that counts!
Thanks for trying the class!

Challenging and wonderful!
Erika Siemsen 10 months ago

Challenging and wonderful! Thanks for the guidance, clear directions and helpful suggestions.

Doing this as part of the 30-day challenge
terriblemonde 10 months ago

This was brutal - in a great way! Hips are my tightest point so this was quite the challenge for me. Those deep stretches certainly took me someplace I needed to go. Thanks very much.