Heart and Soul Yoga Retreat

Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
Sat, 02/23/2019 - 03/02/2019
US$700 + Accommodation

About This Event

This retreat is now over.

This retreat is for all levels but will also have challenging vinyasa flow classes.

Stepping away from our responsibilities and complications of modern day living allows us to find breath, perspective and freedom in ourselves. This makes our heart sing, and our soul come alive in different ways creating a foundation for both a relaxing and awakening experience.

Join Tracey for 7 days of total bliss, rooted in meditation, pranayama and soulful flows.  She’ll take you on a journey through inquiry, both physically and mentally inspiring you to find joy and re-awaken the playfulness between your head and your heart. Meditation and mindfulness will be explored with deep respect to self love, and looking inward.  While pranayama and sequenced asana will build upon your inner strength, letting go of the struggle and flowing with a sense of ease.   Bring your enthusiasm, your smile and your desire to have fun on and off your mat!

Event Schedule


  • 7pm: Evening Gathering


  • 7am - 8:15am: Meditate and Movement
  • 4pm - 5:30pm: Flow class


  • 7am - 8:15am: Meditate and Movement
  • 4pm - 5:30pm: Flow class


  • 7am - 8:15am: Meditate and Movement
  • 12pm - 1:00pm: Optional “Up Up and Away Play”
  • 4pm - 5:30pm: Flow class


  • 10:00 - 12:00: Radiant Flow class


  • 7-8:15: Meditate and Movement
  • 12pm-1:00pm: Optional “Up Up and Away Play”
  • 4pm-5:30pm: Flow class


  • 7am - 8:15am: Meditate and Movement
  • 4:30pm - 5:45pm: Flow class


  • 7am - 8:15am: Closing Practice 

Teacher Bio


Mar de Jade has been home to hundreds of retreats over the past 35 years. The resort has a supportive, warm feel, allowing participants to rest, feel at ease and enjoy the benefits that come from being on a retreat. You will have access to four gorgeous yoga spaces, all with hardwood floors, ocean views and full of lovely, natural light.

Take a dip in the swimming pool, wading pool, jacuzzi or wander the paths lining their tropical hotel grounds. Take a walk down Chacala beach, one of the most beautiful, tranquil beaches on the lush Riviera Nayarit coastline or visit the small, charming Mexican fishing village right next door.

Snuggled between beach and jungle outside Chacala, a small fishing village on Mexico’s Pacific coastline, Mar de Jade is far more than your average wellness resort. Founder Dr. Laura del Valle came to Chacala over thirty years ago to bring healthcare to the local community, and the home she built for her family and visiting medical students slowly evolved into the Mar de Jade we see today. Now offering a hotel, bar, pool, full treatment spa, stunning studio spaces, and excursions and activities, Mar de Jade retains its intimate family feel and community connection. Three generations of del Valles now call the resort home, and the medical clinic established by Laura in the 80’s has evolved into MDJ Community Projects, a non-profit running local education and health programs and an organic farm that produces most of the tasty fare enjoyed by resort guests. This non-profit gets its funding from guests like you, so when you’re kicked back on the beach or sweating it out in the studio, you can feel good both in body and in mind. Mar de Jade is a resort of rare beauty with heart and soul to match. What better place to host a yoga retreat?

For more information see: https://mardejade.com/experience/


Three times a day, Mar de Jade’s talented chefs prepare gorgeous buffet meals using ingredients from the resort’s organic farm. Traditional Mexican cuisine inspired dishes incorporate a variety of healthy vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, pescatarian, and poultry options, and the chefs are happy to tailor to specific dietary needs or allergies. Sorry carnivores but red meat is never served! Between meals, you’ll have access to a snack bar stocked with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, bread, and delicacies like homemade organic peanut butter and marmalade. Stations throughout the grounds provide purified fresh water to keep you hydrated between practice sessions! 

For more information see: https://mardejade.com/experience/food-and-farm/


Mar de Jade offers accommodation to suit an array of styles and budgets. Choose to look out over the Pacific, or into the lush green of the forest canopy.  Sleep the whole family in multibed apartments, share a room with a friend, cozy up with a loved one, or take some time and space all to yourself. No matter your choice, your room will come with unique and tasteful décor, exposed wood finishes, and plenty of natural lighting. Rooms at Mar de Jade are sanctuaries within a sanctuary: places to unwind, reflect, and recharge.

Important: If you would like to attend the retreat and stay off-site, Mar de Jade charges a $75/day fee for meals and use of amenities. You must pay this fee before registration is complete.

For more details see: https://mardejade.com/room-rates/

How To Get There

Mar de Jade is a 90 minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta International Airport on Highway 200. This distance can be covered via rental car or bus, but the resort recommends taking a taxi and is happy to arrange one for you.

For more information, visit https://mardejade.com/about/faq/ and scroll down to GETTING THERE AND AWAY.


birdnthesky 2 years ago

I have wanted to go to one your retreats for years but they are always in February/March which isn't a good time of year for me to go. I would have loved to experience the Heart and Soul retreat.

janok 2 years ago

I just saw this retreat option and it looks fabulous, but I need more notice in order to go. Tracey, do you have plans to offer another one next year? How far in advance are the retreats planned? Thanks!

Tracey Noseworthy 2 years ago

Good Morning, I would love to meet you next year in Mexico. Yes, I am planning to visit Mar de Jade again. I am in the process of reserving dates so stay tuned and I will let you know. I can also be reached at tracey@traceynoseworthy.com for any questions please send me an email. Om Namaste

Paulette9 2 years ago

Hi Tracy! I reserved a spot yesterday, for yoga retreat! I am so very excited! I noticed that they have a Montessori school for children. Is there any way that I can be of service to the school while I am there- during our free time? I would love to read stories to the children, do crafts etc. however I am needed. Please let me know if this is a possibility.
Paulette Heber

Tracey Noseworthy 2 years ago

Good Morning Paulette, I am so sorry that I missed your email. I am so excited that you have registered for the retreat and look forward to meeting you. I have no details on the Montessori school at the moment, however we can definitely check it out when we are down there. See you very soon. Om Tracey

Tracey Noseworthy 2 years ago

Hi Marilyn,
Thank-you for writing in, and I welcome you with big open arms on to your mat and into our retreat. I will be offering many different classes over the week together, and exploring a variety of levels integrating strength, stillness, breath, movement and integration. This retreat will be designed around YOU, and I am a firm believer that our practice is always a journey and it changes every single day for us. The practice will be accessible to all levels, and it is truly built around self love and self care. I hope that helps, and I really hope to meet you in person. Love and Light, Tracey

Mlinton 2 years ago

I am concerned that the yoga may be too advanced for me. I have been doing Tracey’s intermediate classes on line for three years but there are still some balance poses at that level that I haven’t mastered (crow pose, for example). I would appreciate knowing more about the level of the yoga sessions, if possible. Thank you! Marilyn