Head to Toe Yin Yoga

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
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In this class full-length yin class, Nyk helps you find space and ease throughout your entire body. Offering assiduous physical and mental cues along with options to suit a variety of bodies and skill levels, Nyk ensures this class is accessible and vital for yogis of all levels.

Equipment: Block, Bolster, Blankets
Style: Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga


JenniJinx 2 days ago

Love these two above comments. I was always a Vinyasa or power yoga girl. Rarely would I ever give even hatha or a gentle flow a chance. I have seen such changes in the short time (a little over a month) I have started hatha and yin practices. They are actually my new favorite ways to practice yoga. Love exploring new/different styles. Thank you for all your beautiful yin practices to choose from! I will be going through them all thats for sure!

katielee23 1 year ago

I've not stepped to the mat for some months (inadvertently) and felt I needed to reconnect with some Yin. Thank you, Nyk, this was just perfect.

MysteryLady 1 year ago

I usually love yin classes but I find that I need silence to really drop into my body. What I need in a yin class and teacher is for the teacher to direct me into the pose, offer variations and then not talk until ready to direct out of the pose. For me Nik talked too much and I found I couldn’t relax into it.

Nyk Danu 1 year ago

This class is listed as a beginner class. Students new to Yin typically need more guidance and an understanding of Yin Yoga and how it's different. Since it sounds like you have a fair bit of Yin Yoga experince you should check out the intermediate classes coming up they will have less talking.

Phil__Stone 1 year ago

Really enjoyed this inventive Yin Class, and agree that it is useful to have different people demonstrarting different variations.