Hatha Yoga for the Hands and Wrists

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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If you work at a desk or with your hands in any capacity - such as a musician or carpenter - it's important to keep your hands and wrists limber to maintain optimal health. This class is great for improving flexibility, range of motion and blood flow in the hands and wrists. It's a good way to help prevent or work with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and it's a fantastic way to remove the tension and stress from an area that is so often over-worked.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Seniors


arfito 2 years ago

I just loved this class. My avid knitting has rendered me with right thumb tendonitis. Acupuncture, The Rub cream with Arnica, Turmeric and this class is a life savior! Namaste David Gracias.

lydia13520 3 years ago

So grateful you offered this class. I've been having trouble with my wrist and hand and yoga hasn't been as enjoyable as a result. This class reminded me to slow down and take care of the part of my body that needs my attention. Thank you.

Yogi4812 3 years ago


Amazing feeling!I'm a pianist and this is a great way to stretch out and relax those overworked muscles!

DebiRose 3 years ago

I've had doctors looking at my joints for over a year now with no relief in sight. Just confirmation on what I didn't have.
After receiving (finally) some physiotherapy on my left ankle (fall down some stairs) I had an idea to see if there were any yoga classes specifically for hands.
David I found your class and did it after watching it the once.
The following morning I had more movement than I'd had in an age, and no pain at all.
I didn't do the class again that day - this was yesterday by the way - and I woke up this morning, stiff once again and in pain.
That was more than good enough for me. I've joined now, and will progress through the other classes as well.
Thank you ever so much for the relief you've given me.

maryvogel 3 years ago

First, thanks so much for offering this short video for the hands! I've been having a problem with my right hand and wrist lately and this was certainly helpful. However, as someone with a hearing loss, I found David's soft voice more of an irritation than the soothing sound I'm sure he meant. Even with my new bluetooth earbuds, it was too soft. Please consider those of us with hearing loss when creating these programs. Soft isn't soothing when you are straining to hear.

Astilbe 4 years ago

That was a great workout for the hands. It reminded me of the very curative exercises I once had to do for tennis elbow. The yoga for the hands may be preventive for tennis elbow or other similar injuries. It was easy and enjoyable.

Svsd 4 years ago

R had stiffer than left on dog paddle. It was broken Jan 1! Will keep at it! thank you!