Hatha Yoga for Beginners: Better Balance

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Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Improve your strength and balance with beginner yoga poses that help you focus, strengthen your foundation and calm your mind. Melissa's encouraging style of guidance will help you move through the more difficult poses with ease, as you learn to find balance even when it feels as though it may be impossible.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Modifying downward dog for rotator cuff injury.
Meggybear 3 years ago

Thanks for a great ease into my day. I'm nursing a rotator cuff injury, I choose this class because i am avoiding raising my arm overhead and thought a balance class might be less upper body. It was a good choice, thanks Melissa. Do you have any suggestions on modifying over head movements or downward dog. I just didn't raise my injured arm over head during this class and child's pose when the downward dogs were in sequence. It worked well and i was happy to do my yoga without pain. I wondered if you might know a downward dog modification for shoulder injury?

1st Video
sarah.brown 3 years ago

This is the 1st video from this website that I've watched. I am a runner healing IT band inflammation. The cause of which may be some balance deficits. I really enjoyed this video. As a yoga newbie, I was surprised and excited to see some of the movements my PT has prescribed.

Melissa's classes are always
langfordrands 3 years ago

Melissa's classes are always my favourite! thank you :)

123abcpaws 3 years ago

I just love her teaching, it is so soothing and well known.

thank you for all your classes
suzanne flowerday 3 years ago

I love your style of teaching. It suits me perfectly. I am going to gradually heal my lower back pain with your classes. Thanks

I always feel so calm and
eruvande 3 years ago

I always feel so calm and stretched and sure of myself after one of Melissa's practices. This video truly is great for beginners, but that doesn't mean that you won't work and get results.

She is my favorite!! Well
alissamedero 3 years ago

She is my favorite!! Well explained, relaxing, with a challenge. Perfect!

Great and soft flow, all
jasv17 3 years ago

Great and soft flow, all asanas are well explained, thanks for sharing, i will follow you more often, namaste.

help with balance
Cadge 3 years ago

I have struggled with my balance ever since I experienced a stroke 4 years ago, the minute my head turns to the side, especially if my body is turned or in a twist I am lost! Melissa was the first person I took a doyogawithme class with, about 18 months ago ,and I love her gentle voice and encouraging manner. I never feel inadequate as she is always reminding me how we are all different and for some modifications need to be made. This class has been extremely helpful in helping me to be better balanced, I am even finding tree pose is no longer impossible for me, at least some of the time!! I will keep working on my balance poses with Melissa's help and hopefully even half moon will be available to me in the not too distant future. .