Freedom in the Wings

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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With a focus on arm positions, this intermediate practice with Ron will offer yogis the opportunity to explore arm placement in postures as a way to: help maintain balance, increase shoulder mobility, understand more options for modifying postures to create more ease, or challenge!

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 1 of Cultivate Your Inner Teacher 14-Day Intermediate Yoga Challenge.

Freedom in the Wings Playlist (to be played with the class)

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Note: You will need a subscription for access to Apple Music, and for music to play ad-free on Spotify and YouTube Music. You will also need to adjust the volume to your preference.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


junarock 3 months ago

I really appreciate Ron’s attention to space and energy, making this a rich, multidimensional practice. The combination of light attitude and deep practice is just delightful, and yup, my shoulders feel very happy afterward.

LaGuiri 3 months ago

This class is ,pre intense than it seems! I have little shoulder mobility, not for any particular health condition, and I had to skip a pose once and again, but overall I found it accessible. Today my upper back feels sore; the "nice kind" of sore of a good, deep workout. It's on bookmarks :)

mcraib 3 months ago

I absolutely LOVED this class! How have I been a subscriber for a year and not have tried one of your classes?! Can’t wait to try more. I struggle with shoulder mobility and knee issues, your basic I’m getting older situation and this class for some reason made me feel years younger. I love Ron’s energy and style and occasional sigh that makes me think Yes, that how I’m feeling, which for some reason made me work harder. A truly enjoyable class, for me anyhoos,

LEH 3 months ago

Lovely way to end my day, just the right amount of stretch and movement. As someone with a shoulder injury, the pace was perfect for figuring out when I needed to substitute for plank or down dog, and getting there. Thank you! Really looking forward to tomorrow. 3 months ago

Thank you. That was good. Tough for me with herniated disk and sciatica on left side but I did it:) carefully!

janedougan 3 months ago

LOVED this ~ I had snow falling outside while I watched the beautiful water behind you! Thank you Ron ~ Namaste

PsychedeliaWolf 3 months ago

This was a really great class! I don't usually stretch my arms in that way, but it felt wonderful. Loved the playlist! I was so happy that the first song was by Mickey Hart! That was too cool. Can't wait for day 2!

maesflowers 3 months ago

Thank you, Ron for an uplifting and didactic vinyasa/power yoga session...a wonderful balance of wabi-sabi movement and powerful, instructional poses. Feeling looser and more at ease :).