Day 2: Flow into the Unknown

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (60 votes)
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All we can do is meet the moment. This intermediate practice with Fiji teaches us to be on our toes, literally sometimes. We move into discomfort, explore the edges with curiosity never knowing exactly where we will end up.

This class is Day 2 of Fiji's Calm in the Chaos program. Each class is very similar in style and movement, the intention and focus is what sets them apart as a progression.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


memarcy 5 months ago

Love this class. It had many of my favorite "Fiji moves" all packaged up in a short flow that hit all the spots where I carry tension. This was so good! Thank you. I know I will return to this one again.

karalittle 5 months ago

I usually seek out classes to address specific pain or areas of tightness, so glad I was open to the "chaos". Enjoyable flow and guidance. Any suggestions on how those of us who can't compress our knees can still take advantage of that wonderful foot stretch?

Fiji McAlpine 5 months ago

Hi Kara, So happy you gave this one shot! Have you tried putting a thick bolster between your heels and sit bones? This decrease in flexion is often helpful and makes foot work possible.

PeacefulRN 5 months ago

11/3/20. Thank you for this practice and series! This was doable for me first thing in the a.m. and I enjoyed the balance between familiar and new poses. Nicely paced and just the right amount of challenge for me today.

rachlyon 5 months ago

I love the shiva stance sequence! This practice made me feel strong in the center of my body, so that I could send energy out to my corners. Really nice, warming practice. And one that calmed my mind. Thanks, Fiji!

Fiji McAlpine 5 months ago

So happy you liked the sequence, I am always trying to come up with new creative ways to like the asanas.

judegreb 5 months ago

A very dynamic class, difficult for me at times but that's what makes yoga so alive, never stale. Thank you Fiji and DYWM community.