Firefly Pose: Strengthen and Lengthen

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (92 votes)
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This is the 2nd in a series of three classes that help bring you to the challenging arm balance, Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana). In this class, Fiji, builds on what you learned in Firefly Pose: Arm Strength. This vinyasa flow helps you strengthen and stretch your legs, preparing you for the strength and flexibility that is needed in the legs, hips and back. After you do this class - perhaps a few times over - you're one step closer to the deeply satisfying Firefly Pose you'll find in Firefly Pose: Workshop.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Strength


yessicakm 3 years ago

I love this class, it's one of my favourites. Very challenging on my hamstrings, but hopefully they will find their space with time, patience and practice.

gyeryongian 3 years ago

I have two corrected clubbed feet. This routine is extremely challenging, but just the kind of routine I've been looking for to strengthen my legs and feet in a many many ways. Thank you so much for this! It is very beneficial for me.

Marieseville 3 years ago

A fantastic leg strengthening workout! Fiji is an exceptional teacher and her classes always challenge me to push myself. I'm sure that even if you were doing this class regularly without building up to firefly pose, you would really tone your legs, especially if you do it after a cardio workout :))
Will definitely be coming back to this one on a regular basis.
Thank you, Fiji!!!!

HeatherSue 3 years ago

This class is the perfect wind down after a big cardio session. Fiji's voice is so calming and grounding and her guidance is on point, as always. My hips and hamstrings feel amazing, but I think my mind benefited even more!

Trudywalker5@gm... 3 years ago

Once agin another great class . There are a few moves that I don't do well, but everyday I get closer to being the best I can be thanks to dywm
Loved loved the transitions
Peace and love
Southampton Ontario

lyd_grace 3 years ago

It's always a great day when I wake up to a new class with Fiji! This class was perfect for my legs today. They carried me through a long run yesterday and today got the stretch they really needed. Great class for the lower body. I'll be retuning to this one often.