Fire and Focus

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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By popular demand, Fiji brings another advanced and dynamic power yoga practice. This class brings focus and precision to the forefront, as strong sensations and purposeful movements keep our awareness linked to the moment and our every move. Be prepared to fire up that internal heating mechanism and flow through some complex frames and intricate transitions.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Thank you for noticing
Fiji McAlpine 10 months ago

I have felt more comfortable in front of the camera this year, which has resulted in my own willingness to teach more from my heart. The themes, and content I share in my live classes, workshops and retreats really reflects the full practice I love to share. I am starting to find ways to incorporate more of that in the online classes!

You're a great teacher, thank
pvetsen 9 months ago

You're a great teacher, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I'll see you on a retreat one of these years!

Perfect! A new favourite :-)
LucyHB 10 months ago

I don't think I could have loved this class any more. I'm in my marathon taper week and needed something to focus my attention but not physically exhaust me. This class was exactly what I didn't realise I was looking for! Spot on - focused my attention, lots of sweet twists, and not too heavy in terms of physical effort. Thank you so much Fiji!

Amazing, challenging flow
hmariea 10 months ago

Fiji has a way with transitions and flowing from simple breath-work to heated, intense poses, and finally to nourishing stretches. And she never misses an opportunity to speak truth while engaging in the poses so that the internal body gets its own yoga medicine throughout. :)

Another great practice from Fiji.
kstone 10 months ago

I love how this brings awareness to the practice. I have never experienced anything quite like this ! Thank-you :)

Gave it a try! :)
karen77ca 10 months ago

I am definitely not an advanced yogi, more like an intermediate but sometimes I like to push myself and try an advanced class. I went into this class knowing it may not go well and I did chuckle to myself as I was falling all over the place and a few times my muscles were quivering! However, unless I try these more challenging classes I won't be able to tell if I am improving and I am happy to see that I have come quite a long way in the past 6 months and I owe it all to Fiji and the other great instructors on this site!

Strength, awareness and total bliss
Katharina K. 10 months ago

Thank you so much, dear Fiji, for this full length wonderful and well rounded practice, I enjoyed the focuson proprioception, too. I usually do some pranayama before and some meditation after online classes as this works best for me. I liked the balance between building heat and the playfulness in flows. Ending in Savasana after some core strengthening felt like heaven, with this magical and satisfied feeling spreading through my body, breath and mind after a good practice.