Finding Stability In All Poses

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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Now that you have learned how to breathe deeply and engage and strengthen the deep core muscles (bandhas) from the first two videos in this series, David shows you how to use these principles to stabilize the lower back and pelvis while stretching and doing some of the most common yoga poses. If you would like to start from the beginning, the first class in this series is The 3-Part Breath and Ujjayi Breathing and the second class is Integrating the Breath and the Bandhas. You can also find all three together in our program Establish Your Core Stability and Strength and on our Yoga for Beginners page.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Back Care


Good Morning
summer2012 1 year ago

Thanks it is good to come back to beginners yoga.

strenghtening forearms?
evawouda 1 year ago

Thank you David! This was such a great lesson! Again..! I found first Establishing Core Strength II and thought it was so amazing that now I am following the full course. During this lessons I noticed a strong muscle ache on the inside of my forearms. Does that mean I am doing it right or should I change something? Of course need to practice the effortlessness but anything else...?
Thanks a lot!

Wow I now know how to do
bronwynhegarty 1 year ago

Wow I now know how to do downward dog properly. Thanks David. I'm revisiting my yoga practice and finding this series very motivating. It is an excellent way to get back into my practice, and learn to do it properly.

I am just beginning my
Carl P 1 year ago

I am just beginning my journey with yoga, and when I came across, I found what I have been looking for. A place where I can really learn and apply the foundation. David does a wonderful job at explaining how to apply the concepts he is explaining.

appreciation and question
Deborah Lilly 1 year ago

Love this class, David, thank you. I've done this maybe half a dozen times and often remember the instructions when standing waiting for something, and its adding stability and strength to my whole being, including my confidence. I like to feel the curve in the lower back having for years tried to straighten that out! I wonder about overextending back of knees, and try to keep a slight bend there. I also wonder when you say "you can't do this too often" (staff pose) - do you mean a few times is enough during one session or do you mean you can do it a lot? Thanks again for marvellous teaching and I really like that you remind us about the moola bandha - so important for an ageing woman! cheers!

Essential set of classes
Rbreid73 1 year ago

David's guidance on integrating breathe and bandhas into practice over these three classes have proved enlightening. His final words on applying techniques to improve stability, move energy and provide a focal point will serve me well as my practice develops.

I loved this class. David
Lindywatson. 2 years ago

I loved this class. David goes at just the right pace for with. Thanks

An_76 2 years ago

Great tutorial practice, so transformative. Thank you David!