Eye of the Lotus Meditation

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
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In this class, Jonni-Lyn guides you through a Japa-style seated meditation based on mantra repetition. This class is accessible to both beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners. You may want a bolster or pillow to sit on. Mala beads are optional.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Guided Meditation


oakhazel 3 months ago

I really enjoyed this but I was a bit confused at the beginning when you were doing the lotus mudra. I didn't know what sanculpa (spelling?) meant until you explained it at the end of the meditation. Perhaps a little bit more explanation and clarity at the beginning would be very helpful.

wanita 5 months ago

I'm new to meditation and I really enjoyed this. I love how you bring the lotus to this. Amazing how relaxed and centred one can feel after just 10 minutes which seemed to go reasonably fast! Thank you :)