Empower Your Boundaries

Intermediate I

Rachel takes you through a more challenging sun salutation, focusing on alignment principles and breath. Her clarity, precision and good nature will help you through this class, and you may learn a few things too!



Existing Comments

November 13, 2021

Always a pleasure to "Do Yoga With"...Rachel. She is a master explainer, which is what is most needed from an Online teacher.

donna marie
October 20, 2021

This video blacks out when using Safari. Works perfectly on Firefox. Just what was needed for today. Thanks Rachel, and Namaste.

February 6, 2021

Beautiful class. I love your cueing, Rachel. The guided focus on specific muscles really helps me feel and become totally absorbed in my practice. My mind is so busy thinking about the inner/outer thigh, that it doesn't have time to go through all the things I have to do today - a beautiful feeling, to be fully focused on what my body is experiencing!


Thank you, Rachel. That was fun. Towards the end of the class though, about 35 m in, my low back started to hurt, and I was wondering if I was missing some subtle motion, engagement, or release. Any idea? (I do have chronic pain in L5S1 because of an injury and discectomy, so it complains sometimes but usually once I engage my core, align, or do upward facing dog, it calms down). Maybe it was the bending

MaryRose Metcalfe
November 25, 2020

Tips, tips and more tips. I love it. I also find that having the block in between my knees for all the sun salutations seems to actually support my knees which is great for this used-to-be runner. Maybe it's just because I am focusing on other muscles with the help of the block.

August 31, 2020

I am trying to help out my back and was told by my PT that I had to learn to engage my inner and outer thighs so they would take some of the strain off of my back whenever I bend/lean forward and try to then straighten up. The steps Rachel took us through made me be more aware of using these muscles and to consciously apply them to my regular daily movements, lol rapidly bending down to pick up our teacup yorker whenever a dog bigger than it approaches.

August 28, 2020

AMAZING CLASS!!!!! such a great challenge for the whole body & mind.
Rachel does a great job explaining each pose and transition so clearly.
Looking forward for the rest of the challenge.

July 7, 2020

The block squeezing helps a lot. Placing my feet together is not comfortable..big thighs. I just get my feet as close as possible and squeeze in. I think this creates the same feeling of ‘zipping’ things up as described.

July 5, 2020

Loved this practise with the props, which i'm not usually a big fan of as I sometimes find them a bit 'faffy', but they really helped me feel everything in all the right places. Biggest surprise was that it made such a difference in my planks and lowering towards chaturanga, I always thought that my upper body was the issue but engaging the legs really helped

MaryRose Metcalfe
June 17, 2020

I see that we do many practices 2 or 3 times in the ongoing inter. program. Doing this the second time was good. My fezz did pop out a few times when jumping to the front or back of my matt and I got a laugh out of that.

MaryRose Metcalfe
June 4, 2020

Lots of great technical advice and tips in this practice. Jumping up to the tops of my feet from down ward dog with the block in between my knees was kind of interesting. but I get what this practice is trying to achieve. I love how the block gives me that leg strength.

May 12, 2020

This was so amazing! I ended up needing to pause it to warm up my body a little before proceeding, but once I was a little more awakened I learned so much in this short hour and felt so supported in the poses. Thank you!!


Namaste, thank you so much.
So grateful to learn a practice to face, redirect, elevate energies and empower boundaries

For others who have low back pain during flexion, it MIGHT be safe to substitute extension, like upward facing dog and triangle pose instead of down dog. But when in doubt, do what you‘re confident will not be unsafe

Take care & stay aware =)

April 6, 2020

is there a modification for the block between the thighs? the way my anatomy is, my feet are like double hips width apart and I can't get them closer. not sure if it's the shape of my legs or the thickness of my thighs, but this feels more like strain than strength building.

Rachel Scott
April 7, 2020

Hi Tanvi!
Great question. I'd slide a something thin and durable between the thighs (for the feeling of firm resistance). It could be a thin, large, hardcover book or even a cutting board. The idea is to get the feeling of some hard resistance back so the body goes, AH, I feel that! You can also squeeze the legs together, but I like getting something firmer in there for the feedback. You can just do that in tadasana, and then once you've got the feeling of it, take it out. Let me know how that goes!

March 25, 2020

Nice way to warm up then cool down now to get ready for work
Thank you

Fresh clear mind


Searching “empower” on do yoga with me, I found “empower your boundaries”...

Thank you for watering strength in spirit

Drinking light
Sludge falls away
“Heart melts forward”
No longer chained back

Shiva’s fire cleansing
Death and fear fall away
Bhrama’s breath
Carries her ash
Krishna in Eagle
Circles and washes the pain
Circles and waters new growth
Circles and rises to light

MaryRose Metcalfe
December 27, 2019

Interesting work with block and strap. It helps remind you to keep focused on the mid-line.

Thanks and looking forward to this my second challenge since becoming a member.

November 29, 2019

This class was fascinating and it is definitely one that I will repeat. I need more work on the outsides of my hips for sure!

November 19, 2019

Really nice class. Time FLEW by and I really enjoyed this first of the 21 day get strong challenge!

June 20, 2019

Wow, the tweaks! I had no idea what I'd been missing out on. Thank you, Rachel!

June 12, 2019

Nice class to understand more about the inner and outer aspects of the legs in poses.

Highly recommend especially as you progress in your practice.

May 22, 2019

Wow! What a way to use all of those muscles!

Thank you, Rachel!

February 10, 2019

What an amazing class! I learned so many technical things about using the smaller muscles in my inner and outer thighs. I love the use of props in this class. By far one of my favorite classes, and I will be doing this class at least once a week! Thank you!

January 1, 2019

Rachel your hair looks amazing in this video too! (I am sure you always get compliments on your superior instruction, but had to say this too. )

Rachel Scott
January 3, 2019

LOL I LOVE getting a comment about my hair - haha (because I gotta be honest, it doesn't always do what it's told ;)) Thanks for the compliment, and I'm so glad that you liked the class!

January 1, 2019

Rachel uses the props often to really instruct specifically which muscles or even sides of muscles to use properly for best support in challenging poses. Thank you!! Day One of the Whole Body Challenge was quite successful! :)

October 19, 2018

I tend to gravitate towards vigorous, fast paced classes, but gave this one a try. It was just what I needed after a crazy week with work and kids. Grounding and calming, but something tells me I will be feeling this tomorrow!

Thank you for a wonderful class.

September 26, 2018

This was my first Do Yoga With Me session, and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to continuing the 21 day challenge.
I appreciate you.

September 17, 2018

This practice with Rachel was just what I needed today--thorough, challenging, and rejuvenating. I look forward to the next session!

September 16, 2018

Using the block and strap to experience different muscles is so effective - I will be saving and repeating this class to help develop that mental and physical habit. Thank you!

September 12, 2018

Rachel, I loved this class. My "go to" tends to be vinyasa/power. This was incredible to sweat through fewer poses and really feel different parts of the hip, back and abdominal anatomy without feeling like the pace was slow - somehow. I kept thinking of my sister, who has issues with her hips and low back. Wondering whether this approach may help her.
Thank you, Rachel. Your cues are always very helpful/clear. Namaste.

Rachel Scott
September 16, 2018

YAY! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the class. I love vinyasa too...but there's something about really slowing down that can be incredibly therapeutic as well as ass-kicking. I'd love to see if this class may help your sister; so often the issues in our back come from tightness/weakness in the hips. The props can sometimes help us find a new "pathway" to strengthen our bodies that we miss when we can just run on autopilot and do our usual thing. xo

August 26, 2018

Starting Day 1 of Whole Body Challenge and this class was a great reminder of the importance of using the smaller muscle groups. Looking forward to feeling stronger and more balanced at the end of 21 days.

August 26, 2018

Thought this class was excellent. I put myself as an intermediate and often do vinyasa classes with Fiji. I found this class just what I needed, for good hip support and making sure I engage those smaller muscles. I play tennis and find as Rachel says, it is so easy for the bigger muscles to take over and then they get tight and strained. For me the pacing was perfect, and gave me time to get the right muscles engaged. Looking forward to next class. Thank you Rachel.