The Elements Day 3

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
Average: 4.9 (35 votes)
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In this water-themed class, Crista helps you find compassion for yourself and others by drawing on the inspiration of lotus mudra. Incorporating challenging poses like handstand and cross-ankle crow, this class is perfect for those working at an advanced level. It be done as a stand-alone class or as part of Crista's 14-day challenge: The Elements.

Equipment: Block
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Dougers 4 months ago

Loved this class, one of my favorites on the website so far. Thank you.

Laule 4 months ago

Amazing class!! Challenge and compassionate, thanks Crista ;) I loved it

jeskova 4 months ago

By far my favourite class of the series thus far. It pushed me just as much as I needed and now I feel retored and relaxed (not to mention proud of myself)!

debradunn 5 months ago

I am new to DYWM after years on-line with a LA power yoga studio. This sort of class is just the change I realise I was looking for. It is the end of the week here, and the temptation to not get on the mat was strong. I have been going through some of the challenges, and after 2 short classes, this hour long one is next. I pushed through the temptation to find a different class, and am very glad that I did. I am very pleasantly weary and nicely chilled. Very good thanks.

mromero 5 months ago

Pure Lotus Magic! I tried to avoid this class all day but after completing it I feel all shiny and new! This is one of my all time favorite DYWM classes!!

nadonado 6 months ago

Deep stretches and fun poses. Yoga the Crista way, joyful and challenging. Thanks to Crista, I can enjoy pastries, as her classes make me work hard and the rewards are nice.

Melanie Lichtinger 7 months ago

Beautiful and deep practice, offered creatively & compassionately by Crista.
So glad I went for it and played with challenges - compassionately.

Manjusri 7 months ago

Before beginning, I wondered whether I'd manage an hour-long advanced class - but as ever, Crista carries the class along with her joy, ease and modifications. The ending was exquisite with the bird singing and calm water lapping in the background - so appreciate how you film outdoors. Namaste and gratitude x

Gaily 7 months ago

This was a lovely class. When I started this challenge I was very unsure. I am used to ther instructors and found Crista's pace too fast and, if I'm honest, I found Crista too vocal and too "chirpy"! But I decided the point of a challenge was to be challenged so I kept going. Now, only three classes in, I love Crista's pace and I love Crista's enthusiam and positivity! So glad I kept going. Thank you Crista for challenging my thinking!

duroc017 7 months ago

Amazing!! Crista's transitions are always so creative and playful.