Creating Internal Lightness

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this all levels hour long flow class, you will explore how the elusive mula bandha can be practiced and incorporated into all the poses of your yoga practice. Not only will practicing mula bandha help to create lightness and ease in your yoga practice, learning to access and tone the pelvic floor will also support your functionality in daily life.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


jmt905 2 years ago

Rachel never fails to provide new ways to experience familiar poses through her creative instruction. Her playfulness and sense of humor is also on point - she had me laughing out loud at her blueberry comment! Thanks for a wonderful practice!

leelzeebub 2 years ago

I found this class at times challenging, but also a little hard on my shoulders from all those forward folds. I felt like I didn't go into this class with as much enthusiasm today and maybe thats why it was difficult for me. But I'll try again one day ^^

Nancy_ 2 years ago

I would describe this class more as a "from beginner to intermediate mulabanda tutorial". I tried to do it without the blocks and I would highly recommend to use it, as some exercise are very difficult to do without it.

hunang 2 years ago

That was certainly a new way to look at familiar poses! This is an interesting class.

katmbern 2 years ago

Great class to refocus awareness while practicing. Thank you!

Jenny Claire 2 years ago

As always, Rachel brings fresh perspective to familiar poses, keeping clear focus and precision in each asana. Thank you!

Rhelle 2 years ago

Wonderful class,truly helps you to find your core

StephanieVM 2 years ago

This is my first video with Rachel Scott. She has a really accessible teaching style. The work was challenging, and I appreciated the focus on the pelvic floor. Great video!