Coronavirus (COVID19) Offer: 2 Months Free

Coronavirus (COVID19) Offer: 2 Months of Yoga Free
In response to the global impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19), we at DoYogaWithMe would like to help anyone who is experiencing hardship. Many people are quarantined and many others have lost loved ones. 
To do our part, we are offering all current free members and new visitors 2 months of free access to our premium content. To take advantage of our offer:
  1. Create an account on our site by choosing the Free option or log into your existing account.
  2. Go here, and click the "Redeem Subscription" button.
  3. That's it. You are all set up and have 2 months of access to our premium content.
We would also like to extend our best wishes to the entire global community. COVID-19 has been causing a significant amount of stress and uncertainty, so we hope that you have access to the support that you need. To that purpose, we have opened up a thread in our Forum that is for those affected by the coronavirus so you can share, ask questions and help others through this.
Take care of yourself,
David Procyshyn Founder of

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Monroe333 2 weeks ago

I am a member and was already planning to mention your website in an article for today's newsletter to our clients and employees in the San Francisco Bay Area but will be sure to include this special offer now as well. We are a staffing agency. Thanks for your generosity!

clrobillard 2 weeks ago

Thank you for this offer. It is generous of you and appreciated as our lives are changing daily with all this uncertainty.

youngsuit 2 weeks ago

Hi, thanks for doing this. If we would like to sign up, but also donate what we can, is there an option to do so?

Serafina 2 weeks ago

This is incredibly generous of you, but also very much in tune with this community. I’ve already shared the link with a friend who's under self quarantine. I’m sure many will find your kindness very welcome during these challenging times.

bonniewatson007... 2 weeks ago


I am a member. Thank you for showing kindness to others duirng times of stress. Namaste.

copossum 2 weeks ago

thank you, that is really generous!
I'm already a member, but since we are in lockdown here as of today, I will forward this info to my yoga group.
I appreciate doyogawithme more than ever!

Cynthia Kinnison 2 weeks ago

This is an amazing gift to so many. Thank you for your care and concern for others. Very generous. Glad to support DYWM. Blessings, Cynthia

Lynleigh 2 weeks ago

You offering this free 2 month membership encouraged me to rejoin for the monthly fee to support DYWM as you guys provide yoga for those who don’t have the extra resources at this time. Thank you!

Dougers 2 weeks ago

This is very generous and smart during these times. Thank you!

Connienaka 3 weeks ago

Thank you. Kindness- what we need right now. I teach yoga in a small rural community in Japan. Since the last week of February all my classes as well as all other community classes were cancelled by the government to prevent spread. I'm going to pass this on to my mostly elderly students who have been with me for about 7 years. Yoga is a very important part of their lives. I hope some of them are able to access the site. Yoga not only helped their physical health but it's a really important part of their mental health.

Thanks again for your time and generosity.