Core Strength and Stretch

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Melissa Krieger
Hatha Yoga
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Melissa's emphasis on core strength helps keep you safe, while challenging your body to stay strong. Melissa incorporates a beautiful yoga flow that stretches the body as your strength builds. An amazing class that is delivered with such ease and grace.


Wonderful video!
caitidid (not verified) 4 years ago

Really loved this video, it was a perfect way to start my day!

naho 4 years ago

This was a lovely video to work with but I think it would be more fitting to categorize this as Beginner. Nice and relaxing!

Perfect for today
bjrosen 4 years ago

This was a perfect alternative to my Monday schedule as I am feeling under the weather. Enough to energize me but not push me to exhaustion. Thank you.

Very nice.
surso 4 years ago

I feel great. I had to stop about 3 times(6 month old), but it was still fulfilling. Thank you.

This was terrific! Thank you!
Roxporquez 4 years ago

This was terrific! Thank you!

Great class!!
GetFitAnni 4 years ago

I just love Melissa as a teacher. Her voice is so calming :)
I really loved this video as well, but still found it a bit challenging (maybe because she mentioned something about it being for "intermediate" yogis?).
I still really enjoyed it and will definetely work more on my core strenght and balance.

Thanks for this great class, Melissa!!

machine 4 years ago

Great class, really enjoyed. Not justbeginner but great as a warm up or cool down. Namaste.

Great Practice
LabCat 4 years ago

Delivered with Melissa's usual charm! I particular like how she says "please" when telling us how to move into postures.

Thank you

Thank you
ngrace 4 years ago

Thank you Melissa! Another beautiful class! Great to have a longer one and to have the joy of your live talking as if I was in one of your classes in Canada :) Enjoyed the strengthening and relaxing poses.
Namaste :)

such a great class!
paulina.oviedo 4 years ago

just finished this class, it's beautiful, challenging and relaxing at the same time, I love how Melissa guides you through the class :D I will definitely keep practicing to notice my core streght as I go.

Namaste from Mexico :)