Core Strength and Stretch

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa's emphasis on core strength helps keep you safe, while challenging your body to stay strong. Melissa incorporates a beautiful yoga flow that stretches the body as your strength builds. An amazing class that is delivered with such ease and grace.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


lotsoffireflies 6 years ago

Teaching style was clear enough for a beginner but allowed me to challenge myself, thanks!

InclinedToMischief 6 years ago

This class was just challenging enough for me - and I love Melissa's teaching style. The reminders to relax in the jaw and face as well as the shoulders are perfect - it's exactly where I tense up and forget to release! Thank you for this wonderful class.

galleza 6 years ago

For those days when you don't have it in you to flirt with your limits. Just the right dose to get rid on that lower back pain after a long day standing on your feet at work. I really liked the reminder to "use humor with your balance poses"...Yoga could really use some humour indeed! A bit of self-derision is such a powerful tool to lighten up and an such an easy, direct path to self-forgiveness!

ilene 6 years ago

Thank yo Melissa. A perfect combination for this morning <3

Hollycat13 6 years ago

Thank you Melissa! I've done the routine 4 times now and I love the gentle sweet approach by this instructor. It's gentle, but you still get a workout.

Enief 6 years ago

Such a good experience - thank you! Good reminders on relaxing the parts of the body not in use. The introduction, with the exhaling and feeling how it engages your core was perfect for me - made it a lot easier to remember (and feel) throughout the class. I also appreciated your reminders about the ribs not popping out.

lynne2525 6 years ago

Perfect combination of balance, stretch, and core! Loved it.

treepose (not verified) 6 years ago

Loved this one. Relaxing yet hard work at the same time.

caitidid (not verified) 6 years ago

Really loved this video, it was a perfect way to start my day!