Core Primer

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This quick class we called 'Core Primer' because Rachel helps you establish a connection to your core muscles so you can practice yoga safely. You can insert this before one of your favorite yoga classes, or if you only have 15 minutes, do it on its own. It will challenge you to maintain the alignment and stability that keeps your body strong, flexible and healthy. Note: the strap is optional.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga


Rnfromjmu 3 years ago

The way the videos are set up, it can look as though there is a charge for the video when there really isn't. The blue boxes at the top of the video screen list three different prices if you want to download the video to keep forever on a personal device If you just hit play,, though, you can view/use the video online without downloading and without a fee. The vase majority of videos are indeed available without cost...

thebacklistbook 3 years ago

There are many videos available for free, some are paid yes, it may be that what you are looking for is only available through the paid experience due to level of training required for the instructor. try browsing around a bit without a set goal in mind and see what you can find.

DeWaat 4 years ago

I think this is very important information to keep yourself protected. Sometimes when doing crunches I overload my back, so thanks for showing me how to prevent this.
During the video I hit my lamp when stretching my leg back which fell over and hit another lamp in my room which fell over and hit my huge glass of water waiting for me for when I finish my practice and it spilled all over my bed. Which made me smile.

melquinn 4 years ago

I've just started doing the Beginners videos and each one is tough. Thought I would do this short one today for a "rest" and I was limited on time, but it kicked my butt! Obviously I needed it more than I thought! And her style is clear, but encouraging. I'll be doing her videos, including this one, again!

jessicabello827 4 years ago

I've never done yoga in my life and decided to try it before I hurt myself working out and maybe get my muscles stretched. This video put me to shame, I fell over at one point because I couldn't keep the balance, and definitely worked up a sweat. It'll get easier eventually, other than that a great video!

hferris140 4 years ago

I try to do this practice every day. I love the tone and tempo. I begin each of my practices with this video then go on to another practice. This is a fantastic starter!

Joviserene 4 years ago

I'm very out of shape and not very flexible anymore. I've tried other yoga videos once and never again because my beginner's body just hurt too much afterwards. This was enough to work up a sweat, feel my muscles working, and avoid over-working myself to the point of pain. I will be doing this warm-up once or twice a day now for 1-2 weeks to prepare myself for more beginners yoga!

calbuny 4 years ago

I saw this was your first yoga video ever, mine too! I was curious what you've been doing since and if you could share what you've liked/done. Thanks!

thegirlsageek 4 years ago

I love the exploration of body mechanics. I can already feel my form getting better as a result. I love that this short warm-up can be added ahead of another routine to prime me for ideal form.

kakeline 4 years ago

Thank you Rachel for this amazing video! It was challenging for me, but not TOO challenging where I wanted to give up. This will definitely help me in my life. Your instruction and descriptions were very helpful, and perfect length of video too..