Challenging Beginner Hatha Yoga

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
Average: 4.7 (200 votes)
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Ron pushes the limits of a beginner hatha yoga class with this fun, challenging flow. His dancing background forms a strong element of this class, so get ready to move and explore your body in unique ways. Foot balances, backbends, twists, forward folds and lots of great openers for the legs, hips and shoulders make this a very satisfying hatha yoga flow class. Enjoy.

Equipment: Strap, Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga


jennMann1 2 years ago

Great class with movement that is more challenging. I liked how Ron called fumbling in a balance move dancing. He gave me confidence to try the challenging moves and dance.

madisontaylorbrand 3 years ago

Great class for when you just wake up! I enjoyed the slow flow while waking my body up! Thank you Ron!

knansea1 3 years ago

This is not for anyone brand new to yoga. He also doesn't hold the positions very long as in most Hatha classes I've taken. But I like the postures and movements and his low key style. The class is short but sweet and you get a nice stretch all over by the time you're done.

joycemarie4ecology 3 years ago

Wonderful flow to this class, and you give so much of yourself to the experience, we are grateful!

mkzs23 3 years ago

One of my favorite classes!!! Just at the rate level for me. Thank you for the wonderful challenge.

Melanie Lichtinger 3 years ago

Loved Ron's flowy Yoga approach - my first class with him. Had the sense of dance - cool to confirm he's got dancer background.
Calm soothing voice. Nice balance of strength, balance, grounding. And cool Tree pose in front of the Garry Oak :-)
Thanks Ron, will revisit.

margotkeyes 3 years ago

Even after the 30 Day Challenge, it is so great to go back to some favorites, or different practices to do and having great ones listed still is very gracious of you. Many challenges I have done elsewhere delete access to all information stored about a challenge and that truly defeats the idea of measuring progress, as well as incentive to continue. Your method is superior. I am grateful!

Emerot 3 years ago

This is lovely. A great one to do just before bed!