Chakra Flow

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Fiji's skillful guidance as a teacher and knowledge of the chakra system come to life in this unique class that focuses on the seven chakras. She moves you through poses that help align each individual chakra, moving up the spine from the root (muladhara) chakra to the crown (Sahasrara) chakra. Fiji transitions seamlessly from one to the next, guiding you into poses that open each chakra, along with sharing each chakra's individual characteristics.


OMG!!! Thank you thank you
dtripp 3 days ago

OMG!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I've been up since 6:17 am and got off work at 10pm and I'm committed one day at a time to my yoga practice! And what an AMAZING sequence this was. I felt and still do so silky throughout this entire series. What a great way to bring this 30 days to an almost close!

Wonderful practice if your back/spine is feeling overworked/weak
SMarie 1 week ago

This class flew by! I wish it could have lasted the start of the class my lower back was feeling weakened or overworked...afterward I feel strength and relaxation resonating up and down my whole spine. This class brings peace of mind and body. So thankful for Fiji's guidance. Namaste.

Wonderfully soothing practice
Helenita 1 week ago

Soothing and very interesting practice guided by the 7 chakras and their meaning very well explained as usual by Fiji. The practice is both intense and soothing. Namaste.

Beautiful Practice
mrswright2015 4 weeks ago

I think this is my favorite Fiji practice yet! It was beautiful yet powerful. I particularly liked the exercise where we switch our perspective. Thank you as always. I can't wait to see what day 30 will bring.

This is a revelatory practice
mollybmoon 4 weeks ago

This is a revelatory practice. I had a collapse between the heart and the throat chakras, complete with a wave of dizziness, a small panic attack, a minute of tears. I moved to child's pose and let it pass before I resumed. Thanks for giving me something to think about. You are a great teacher.

An amazing class, feeling my
margotkeyes 4 weeks ago

An amazing class, feeling my chakras align is a beautiful thing! This was a perfect balance of strength, balancing, and emotional awareness. Thank you Fiji!!

video is not playing
Elsa Avila 4 weeks ago

I wanted to start my today's 30 day challenge but couldn't see the video and this is not the first time I do "Chakra Flow". I tried other videos and the run very well but not this one. Hope I can make it later.

Happened to me too
siobhan6000 4 weeks ago

That happened to me on one of these videos too. What I ended up doing was logging out, then entering the video through their email link. It worked then. Not sure why, but if you logged in to see video & it didn't load, try logging out and viewing it.

Playing the video
David Procyshyn 4 weeks ago

Try switching your browser and pausing the video at the beginning for a few minutes, to allow it to load.

It worked a few hours later.
Elsa Avila 4 weeks ago

It worked a few hours later. Nice practice. Thank you DYWM