Breath, Balance and Twists

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
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This class is a sweet, gentle flow, full of delicious stretches that focus on twists, balances and of course, the breath. Anastasia's delivery is caring, focused and soft, making this class ideal for beginners and those looking for a relaxing class after a busy day.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


MaryC 4 years ago

Really enjoyed this flow of stretches and twists!

Turtle70 4 years ago

As a newbie, I had to take a brief break at 36 minutes and hydrate, for feeling slightly dizzy, but this is a fantastic class! I also noticed that in "happy baby"(?) my spine of the lower back could not reach the ground. Is there any stretches for that? Thanks so much.

Anastasia Hange... 4 years ago

Welcome to the site, and so glad you enjoyed the class. It's great that you listened to your body and new when to rest and hydrate. Stop *anytime* you ever feel dizzy or faint, and child's pose is a wonderful place to be in this state. Happy Baby is actually a great release for the spine, so no worries on your lower back touching the ground - practicing this pose more will help. I have another class with a focus on the spine that you might enjoy, and will also help :)

Turtle70 4 years ago

Hi Anastasia, thank you so much for your response! I'll try your other class too, I'm totally hooked:)

shellycombs 4 years ago

I really love her slow, sweet style. Anastasia is one of my favorite instructors

Kat Colorado 4 years ago

Such a beautiful practice. What a perfect start into the day! Thank you.

birdnthesky 4 years ago

I loved this routine. It is a wonderful combo of relaxing but challenging. I will be checking out all of her videos. I like the way she teaches.

Thank you so much, I am very grateful that you have shared these videos-I am a homeschooling Mama in Quebec City, where the Yoga classes given in english are few if not non-existent-just know that you are a perfect teacher for me, and I thank you from my heart, I wish you continued health and happiness, and please keep the videos coming.

ElenaFoucher 4 years ago

I've been doing yoga for many years and am just starting to teach... this class is incredibly inspiring! The teaching style is very warm and smooth, the poses simply and clearly explained with just enough instruction. So much heart. Thanks for sharing!