Body to Light Meditation

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
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In this beginner's guided meditation, Nyk walks you through a visualization of light filling your whole body, leaving you gently energized and refreshed from head to toe. If you would like to learn many ways and modifications to sit, check out Nyk's Meditation: How to Sit. Note: You will need two blankets and two yoga bricks for this practice. 

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Guided Meditation


sng4ever 1 year ago

Nyk was a wonderful guide for this meditation. This is a nice amount of time for a beginner to practice meditation.

yogiAndermoser 1 year ago

Hi Nyk. I feel light-leaded (no pun intended!) when I am doing this practice with my eyes closed. Slightly better if i open my eyes, but still feels uncomfortable. Is it ok to do this practice lying down? Or is there something I can do to make the lightheadedness go away? (guess it's related to low blood pressure).

Nyk Danu 9 months ago

Actually in this case I would reccomend a diifernt style of meditation for you, something where the breath is the focus. I will add one to my "to film list" in your case keeping the energy and awareness down lower in the body would be better