Monthly Update - February 2019

February Update

It's February and we've got some fantastic new classes to keep your New Years resolutions on track! David has three new audio meditation programs to help you center and surrender to the serenity within. But if you're seeking more wordly pleasures, bring your favorite person to practice with you for our Couples Yoga Challenge or pamper your self with a weekend of nurture. Take a peek and let your heart decide!



Crista shillingtonDontcha Love Hip Openers
Vinyasa Yoga | 64 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Crista Shillington
If you have tight hips and like to  flow, twist and bind, then check out this  power yoga flow from Crista.  It's a deeply satisfying and thorough vinyasa flow class that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive!
HathaYoga | 71 min | Beginner
Instructor: Tianne Allen
This gentle class focuses on opening up the hips, improving the mobility of the hip joint and flexibility in the pelvic saddle. It begins slowly, moving gently on the breath from pose to pose.  All levels welcome.
Fiji McAlpineRhythm and Routine
Vinyasa Yoga | 24 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
This intermediate flow moves through familiar sequences and prompts the body and mindy to synch in a harmonized rhythm. We are reminded that routine can be a source of comfort and a tool to help us achieve our goals.
TraceyRelease Your Inner Hippie
Vinyasa Yoga | 23 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
Tracey delivers a wonderful floor practice that will navigate the connections between your lower back, hips and hamstrings. Let go of your inhibitions and release your inner hippie!


Hatha Yoga | 43 min | Beginner 
Instructor: David Procyshyn
This class covers the fundamentals of yoga that you will build off of in all future practices. David breaks down what proper alignment in seated poses  feels like, and helps you build a strong foundation.


Fiji McAlpineDig Deeper
Vinyasa Yoga | 70 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
Fiji leads the way to dig up the determination and commitment you need to show up on your mat, no matter what. Several variations of key poses are explored in theis class. Learn to listen to your body and allow your practice to best serve you in the moment. 
Vinyasa Yoga | 37 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
This class combines pranayama,  flow, and rest to build your resilience. Fiji teaches you to nurture yourself on many levels, enabling you to find the tenacity and determination to be resilient.
Crista shillingtonI Heart Backbends
Vinyasa Yoga | 71 min | Advanced
Instructor: Crista Shillington
This power yoga class from Crista  will release your hip-flexors and quads, work your core and lead you into fully expressed backbends.
Crista shillingtonThe Real Deal Pigeon
Vinyasa Yoga | 72 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Crista Shillington
In this intermediate class, Crista develops the “real” pigeon, Kapotasana; a prone backbend that sequences from virasana. Expect backbends, shoulder openers, twists and side stretches from this vinyasa flow.
Vinyasa Yoga | 39 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Melissa Krieger
This vinyasa style yoga class has you focus on the breath and utilizes your core to transition between seated, standing and lunging poses. With an emphasis on twists, this class is sure to slow you down and give attention to each and every pose. 


Yoga Meditations for Sleep w/ David Procyshyn | Yoga Nidra AudioYoga Meditations For Sleep
Instructor: David Procyshyn
Tracks: 4
Four guided audio meditations will help you to fall asleep, keep you sleeping through the night and encourage deep sleep.You will experience better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and alert. 

Mindfulness Meditations w David Procyshyn | Audio
Mindfulness Meditations 
Instructor: David Procyshyn
Tracks: 4

These guided meditations move through several steps, including focus, spaciousness and impermanence.  With practice, you will know how to gracefully induce a tranquil, yet focused state of mindfulness. 

Chakra Healing Meditations w/ David ProcyshynChakra Healing Meditations 
Instructor: David Procyshyn
Tracks: 3

These three guided meditations move through the energetic centers, or chakras of the body. You will experience the energy of these chakras and learn techniques to heal and regulate the energy moving within them. 



14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge







February 14th-27th
14-Day Couple Yoga Challenge

Join us for this unique challenge that is ideal for introducing yoga to your partner / bff / family member. 

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Nurture Yourself Yoga Weekend Challenge


February 15th-17th
Nuture Yourself Weekend Retreat

This weekend long virtual retreat features yoga and guided meditation. It's suitable for one person, duos or groups. Take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle, and let us guide you through a relaxing weekend of yoga and meditation that will rest, refresh and nurture you.

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Feb 16 - 23, 2019
Feb 23 - Mar 2, 2019




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