Community Yoga Challenge - September 2018
We’re launching a monthly Community Yoga Challenge September 1st, starting with the Get Strong! Whole Body 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Each month we will announce one of our fantastic yoga challenges and practice it together, as a community. We will feature Instagram and Facebook posts (#dywmyogachallenge) from our community members that choose to share their participation in the challenge as well as hosting a dedicated forum thread where folks can chat about their practice.
You can either work down the list of challenge classes via our Challenge page on the site or you may sign up for your daily challenge class to be delivered straight to your inbox here. Excercise challenge. 30 days of yoga.
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September's Challenge

Get Strong Whole Body Challenge

Intermediate | 21 days | 21 Classes
So why commit to the Get Strong! Whole Body Chafllenge? Well, just like this community challenge will bring members of DYWM together, this challenge unifies the body into a cohesive, cooperative unit. After all, the body is an integrated system that requires communication, coordination and support to function at its peak potential.
The Get Strong! Whole Body Challenge is a fantastic sequence of classes to develop that coordination, strengthen the assisting muscle groups essential to moving securely and smoothly from pose to pose, and build a strong kinetic chain from head to toe. Building mind-body awareness that addresses the whole body as an interconnected and mutually supportive network of musculature systems allows you to distribute load safely and efficiently in your practice, deepening your expression of familiar poses as well as opening the door to more advanced postures and series'. Fitness Challenge
The daily practices will move you sequentially into this awareness, balancing strength and mobility in the various body parts and systems. Remember!... A chain is only as strong as its weakest link! See you on the mat and thanks for sharing your practice with us. 30 day yoga challenge
Get Strong! Whole Body Challenge


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